Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 New Year's Resolutions...Sort of.

You know what's right around the corner? That's right! A tree! The new year is also around the corner, so I'd thought I'd make a video telling my new year's resolutions...kind of. Also, I show you what I got for Christmas. Take a Pik a this!

December 29 2010 vlog:

This is just a random vlog of me looking for some Corn Flakes... Mission failed.

I  hope you have a very emotional New year's eve and new year's day. Why not get a little wild by drinking some Nog until you drop?! Sounds cool!

Friday, December 24, 2010

How to have an awesome Christmas!! maybe....

Tomorrow is Christmas! I'm sure you knew that. What you didn't know was that I have great tips for you! I even made a video to help you celebrate a big, bearded, red man into your house. If you follow all these tips, I'm sure it'll put you in Santa's extra nice list. Watch the video for some great Christmas tips...kind of...

Thursday December 23rd vlog.

Just a random vlog from out and about...and inside! I got nervous vlogging in public. What an embarrassment.

Later, you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My exclusive interview with Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You read that title right. Today, I got the chance to sit down with the one and only Santa Claus. I asked the hard hitting questions and he gave me answers...maybe. How old is Santa? What does he think of being married to Mrs. Claus? Find the answers by watching the video! Hopefully you find this interview cool, amazing, and radical, because I did.  It made me want to rip off the stockings off the chimney. Just Kidding, there's no stockings here.

I learned a lot about Santa. Hopefully you did too.

Other channel vlog!

This is just a small vlog about a rainy day. I basically did nothing yesterday, just went out to get food. What an action packed day. Kaboom!

Later, dudes, dudettes, Mufasa, and Simba.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm the hispanic Justin Bieber. and Hospital potty vlog!

Hey there, you know what I do on Friday's! That's right! I review and grade my week! I tried to upload this yesterday, but it's not like anyone is actually paying attention.

This week was national cupcake day, I encountered annoying trains, and one of my cat's played with a pillow. I also consumed a lot of Silk soy milk, Heinz ketchup, and Sunkist soda!! Doesn't that sounds like a freaking blast?! Yeah it does! It was a great weekend! I hope you had a great week too.

Here's a vlog of December 17.

The day started off well, then my mom had an accident. I was down in the dumps for a while, but then I decided to get over it by embarrassing myself in a hospital. It was cool.

Later, dudes, girls, and pets.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My neighbor's house on fire! and hiking!

Yesterday, (or more like today...since it was 2 am) My neighbor's garage caught on fire! Here is my emotional take on it. But in all seriousness, I am happy nobody was hurt...except for my self esteem after watching myself in this video.

Yeah, it was a pretty traumatic experience.
And here's just a quick hiking vlog!

I like hiking and vlogging. Do you? How great.

Later, you.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I love carbs!

It's Friday! That means it's time to review my week. What? You didn't know that happened on Fridays?
This week kind of I talked about random things that kind of didn't happened to me. I now know that I love carbs, my cat likes to be in front of the camera, and that people think I look like I'm 15. What a surprise.

Watch the video below if you want to see a cat licking himself, bread, and of course, me.

How was your week? What would you grade your week? F? Me too.

Later, people and animals. Mooo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Drunk and Pregnant. Farewell, Supernanny.

Hello there, you. What's up?! I've been feeling a little bit under the weather and it feels like I'm drunk and pregnant. I've never been drunk...or pregnant, but this is how I think a pregnant drunk person would act.
If you're on Facebook, you probably know about the cartoon picture and "number" craze. What do you think about that? Also, do you like the new Facebook profile update? I do. I don't even know why!

and also, I heard "The Supernanny" it's coming to an end. I don't watch too much tv, but that is one show I used to make fun of...and watch.  I haven't watched tv in about two years, but I somehow still feel sad about it.

Watch me be drunk and pregnant here (Not really):

Later, dudes, girls, doughnuts, and my self esteem.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Shampoo and conditioner analysis. Loreal for real.

That's right. It's time for an analysis, but this time instead of a song, I'm analyzing Loreal shampoo and conditioner. It's vegan, so what the hey. I normally don't care about what I put on my hair, but this was different. This made me want to want to drink the shampoo and conditioner. Watch me analyze this shampoo and conditioner, if you want! How many times have I typed shampoo and conditioner? I don't know, but watch this, yo.

Shampooing and conditioning never felt so good.

Later, dudes, dudettes, girls, boys, mother, father, and my hamsters.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Vlogging for a year!

Recently, I started a couple of YouTube channels. Why? I was bored...and wanted another creative outlet to let out what's on my mind. I feel like I have some stuff in my little mind that have to be let out like a couple of hound dogs.

I decided to start vlogging (aka: talking to a camera) for a whole year, everyday, next year, on my 2nd channel... I will try to record everyday just doing silly, dumb, sometimes boring, stuff. Why? I just want to experiment and be able to look back later and see how much or little I've done. Also, I want to see if some of my "shyness" will decrease! Fun. I will be posting them all on YouTube and making a blog on here too!

I made a video "announcing" this!!

Here's a video on the exploring channel...introducing my cat?

(LOL @ thumbnail^)

I hope you join me, if not...Mooo.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wiki Leaks leaks, happy person, and dog. Exciting.

It's Wednesday! Do you know what that means!?!?!? Probably not. It means it's the first "Something" video on my YouTube channel!What does this mean for you? Nothing! It'll involve me talking to a camera about things you probably don't care about, but hopefully you will. Sounds like a blast.

Today, I bring to you an embarrassing video of me talking about Wiki Leaks, Shakira (not really), Soup, and a dog. What an action packed episode. I hope you get inspired...or something.

What is Wiki Leaks? I still haven't googled it... Oh well.
Later, dudes and dudettes, and Super Mario. and happy first of December!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town.... Maybe not.

It seems like every radio station is currently playing Christmas tunes...Why? It's almost Christmas. If you didn't know that, I suggest you get a calendar.

Since I have nothing to do on Mondays, I decided to analyze a Christmas song. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". I'm almost positive this song has a secret meaning behind it. What is Santa's secret? Watch the video to find out.  Or I'll tell you right now...he likes abusing people in violent ways. Just kidding....maybe.

Do you think Christmas songs are overplayed? I do. Me and the Grinch should hang out.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bloated black Friday and Thanksgiving recap! WOAH!!!

Sorry for the title...I don't know why I added the "WOAH". I was bored? Probably.

So  like many of you know, Thanksgiving has come and gone. Where to? I don't know...Antarctica? and as I type this, many people are out shopping on this Black Friday. I'm not beacuase I'm bloated.

Take a look at this mess of a video and maybe you'll see why. Hint: Too much eating, yo.

Are you bloated after Thanksgiving? Going Black Friday shopping? Wear a helmet.

Later, dudes, dudettes, mom, dad, and gobblers.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Willow Smith- Whip My Hair- This song probably has lice.

Hello there, last week I "analyzed" some Kesha song. This week I analyze "Whip My Hair" by the daughter (I think) of the fresh prince of Bel Air. This song makes me want to plug my ears with cotton, but since some people liked my analyzation last week, I thought I'd do it again... because I have nothing else to do on Mondays.

Watch as I get to the bottom of this song's problems. It's kind of hairy.

Do you like this song?

Later dudes, dudettes, dogs, cats, leopards, father.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Orange juice glad I made this video?! Vlog University homework assignment!

I don't know if you know of iJustine, if you don't...why not? where have you been?

She has this online "school" (not really a school...just for fun) and she has other YouTubers submit their homework through a video response. This episode's assignment was for people to make something out of food or draw on food. I did both because I had too much time on my hands. I also compared apples to oranges. Watch me embarrass myself and make some orange juice in the video. It'll make you want to make your own and do monkey noises from excitement.

Do you like orange juice? I don't. Apple juice is better. I would have made some, but I don't know how.

Later, dudes, dudettes, and chihuahuas.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nintendo loves me! Nintendo Club is where the party's at.

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail saying that I was an "Elite status member" for the Nintendo Club Rewards! I don't know if you know this or not, but I am a pretty big Nintendo fan. I don't spend a lot of time playing video games, but for some reason, I always think I will finish a game. That doesn't always my friends inviting me somewhere...doesn't always happen....I'm kidding... kind of... dot dot dot.

 I knew what the prize was going to be, but boy was I surprised when the prize arrived! The mailman just left it outside like it was a piece of garbage (kind of rude), it could have been stolen, and the dog could have used it as something to play with. Good thing I decided to finally  go outside on that day and get some vitamin D... It was like getting an invitation to a Nintendo party.

Watch the video as I unbox this great piece of stuff and how excited I get about it.

Do you like Nintendo? If not...why? are you an evil person?

If you're not interested in Nintendo (you evil person), have a picture of a cat. Hopefully you don't dislike that either...  I'm kidding. :D

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kesha's "We R Who We R" - Analyzed...Is she a pirate?

Sometimes I wish I was a doctor, sometimes doctors make me feel better about my handwriting. That's not what this is about. Since I have nothing to do on Mondays, I decided to make- edit- and write this. What a fun filled Monday!

I analyzed Kesha's "We R who We R" because....I don't know.

Watch the video and you'll see what I recommend Kesha do.

Other things I recommend are: Learn how to use spell check before releasing a new song (R???), wear an eye patch, and use Hooked On Phonics.

That's all for this "Analyzing songs that I don't listen to because I have nothing to do on Mondays- Video."

Later, Dudes, Dudettes, and mom.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Greetings! Awkward handshakes and hugs.

That's right. It's time to go deep into my mind and talk about what occurs inside there.

Sometimes, whenever I meet someone or see someone I know, my mind plays tricks on me. I don't know how to greet someone. Should I give them a handshake? High five? Hug? Start doing the Hokey Pokey?

I usually go for a handshake... What about you?

I also made this little video to explain more and show you an example of what my mind makes me do.

Later. I hope you meet someone new tomorrow...or whenever you decide to leave the house. Good luck with that.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Got my California driver's license...and my mother makes me waffles?!?

This past Monday, I got my California driver's license. You know what that means? Me neither! but I'm a great driver (kind of) so don't be afraid if you're in California...really, don't. I may pretend driving is like a real life version of Mario Kart, minus the throwing of banana peels, turtle shells, chain chomps, and super mushroom, that last one sounds like something illegal... but everything will be fine.

I failed my first driving test, but I blame it on the tornado...I'm kidding, there was no tornado, I was just nervous.

Did you pass your driver's test the first time? Have you even taken it? And yes, it took me a while to get my license because...I'm pretty stupid. No, that's not it, I just never thought I was going to drive...yea, I don't know what I was thinking.

Also, in case you didn't know, I'm a video blogger (Vlogger) and decided to make this video of my emotional experience. Hope you watch it dudes and dudettees, if you don't, Hakuna Matata.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fuzzie Wuzzie kitty and pumpkins. I'm sick.

Well I'm  sick. I hope you're doing better. I might have a cold, or swine flu. Just kidding about the swine flu...I had that last year...No I didn't.

So now I'm here feeling like a puffer fish trying to think of ways to entertain my sick self. There's nothing to do, so my day will probably not be a good my childhood. Just kidding... My childhood was fine. Now I will leave you with some random pictures, just in case you feel unsatisfied with this. Why would you!?!?!?!?

(Here's a picture I took of what it seems like a black cat giving birth to a pumpkin...or about three hundred of them... The things you'll find at grocery stores.)

( This is what I want to be wrapped up in...No, not the fuzzie wuzzie, but embarrassment. That lady and girl are probably ashamed to appear in a box of a "Snuggie" rip off. [It's probably  just as comfortable, though...] I'm sure the book they're reading doesn't even have words either.)

What do you do for yourself when you're sick? I would make myself some soup, but it's around 90 degrees today....Fail.

Friday, October 29, 2010

YouTube, over a billion served. Wait, isn't that Mcdonald's?.

Yes. YouTube has recently hit a billion subscriptions! Whip out the Kool Aid, water, and diet drinks! and some (vegan for me) cupcakes, doughnuts, and muffins!

I recently joined THE YouTube and am slowly getting hooked on it! That's why I kind of wanted to make this post!!! Maybe soon I'll let your eyelashes find me on YouTube?  (If you've found me...thanks?) :D
(Jump for Joy like those people in the image^)

I remember a few years ago, just watching short clips on there, and now there's all sorts of content for everyone to enjoy! It's better than whacking a pinata filled with candy that doesn't suck! I can't wait to see what the future holds for YouTube. In the meantime, I'll be eating a cupcake to celebrate, and wearing a party hat!

Also, to celebrate, YouTube released a widget for you to put on your site/ if you're on YouTube, have a site/blog, grab that widget and maybe we can be buddy ol' pals on YouTube.

To grab that widget and read more go here:  Let's throw some confetti!

How many times did I type YouTube on this post? I don't know! but if you tell me, I'll send you some tofu.

Later, dudes, dudettes, girls, boys, cats, dogs, and whoever else read this.

Monday, October 25, 2010

You make me sick! Rainy weather and soup...I'm a big kid now.

It's been raining a bit for the last two weeks. Reminds me of last year, when I was always shaking like a hairless chihuahua. A lot has changed in a year, and for the better. Ups and downs, highs and lows, smiles and frowns, I feel like it's been a year of growing up. By growing up, I don't mean in height or anything like that, I mean learning and being wiser...I still look like I'm fifteen and act like I'm eight...sometimes. I know what I want and where I want to be. I guess I'll keep walking that path, thanking God, being happy, and most likely embarrassing myself along the way. It's all in good, appropriate fun! Hopefully you can join me? If not, I'll probably will ignore you. I'm kidding...I wouldn't ignore you. You make me a good way!  You're cool! So cool, I have to wear a sweater everytime I'm around you!

(Also, with the colder,windy, rainy weather, I feel like having lots of soup.... so much, I dream about making soup. Who knew green beans tasted great? I sure didn't. I've been missing out. No more! Green beans are cool...just thought you'd be interested.)

What is something that has changed in your life in the course of a year, or less? Maybe you got better at a hobby? Or maybe you graduated from school? Or maybe you got a job that you actually like?

I feel like a big kid now! Moo.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where's the coffee?!? I forgot how to dress myself and my ABC's?!?!?!

I woke up today at six in the morning, for a very important reason. I couldn't find my chapstick. I spent an entire half an hour looking for it, and at last! Then I couldn't fall back asleep. Yeah, I probably was half asleep while I was looking for it, but it doesn't count. Now I'm here drinking a cup of coffee and feeling like I will probably forget my name and how to dress myself. Also, the coffee has been I just have an empty cup....but let's pretend there's still some because if not, I will have to get up to get more, and to be honest, I don't feel like it. And I know what you're thinking! "Ah, this guy must live a really exciting life!!! hoo hahhh!" Yep.

(This is exactly how I feel right now)

How do you deal with lack of sleep days/weeks? Do you just drink so much caffeinated drinks, you forget your ABC's?  (Oh NO!, not the ABC's!!!)   Drink so many energy drinks, you actually do believe you just grew a pair of wings, but in reality it's just your mind playing hilarious tricks on you?

And the car broke down yesterday, so that means I will most likely be stuck in the house for two days. I'm sure my friends are sure going to miss me...oh wait, I haven't seen most of them in years...

Later, dudes and dudettes. Eat some spinach. Popeye did and he's doing great!...right?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I want a Kangaroo...... pouch.

Yep, that's right.

I think having a Kangaroo pouch would make things easier. Why? I'm glad you asked that question. Well, think about it. Your  hands would be free, you'd be able to high-five people, and you would be able to do cartwheels while carying whatever it is you're carying inside your pouch. I don't know why anyone would want to be doing cartwheels, while carrying a baby (or 2), a sandwich, a car tire, and a microwave in your pouch...but you never know.

If you had a kangaroo pouch...what would you keep in it? A  dozen ping-pong balls? zebra? 500 pillows? a yo-yo? some gallons of orange juice? trampoline?

I would probably just carry all my electronics...and a little bit of embarrassment. I carry that with me everywhere...

Also, what sound do kangaroos make!?!?? anyone?  I probably need to watch more Animal Planet.

Friday, October 8, 2010

F is for....Facebook. Social Network movie... review? thoughts? High five!

F is for.......Facebook! The Social Network movie!! wooo

(Oh, and this post is image-less because I guess Blogger is having problems... boop)

This past week, I went to go watch a movie. It was kind of exciting...why? because it was the first movie I've seen in a theater in almost five years...You see, I'm not a very big movie fan. I just can't sit still for a long time. I'd rather be doing something outdoors, or creating something of my own. Yep, no wonder nobody invites me anywhere... Back to the point... since I'm a big "fan" of a lot of social networking sites, I thought it would be a great movie to go see, and it was!

 But first, let's get the awkwward moments that happen at a movie theater, out of the way. Being in a dark room with a giant screen seems creepy, it's way too quiet, if I wanted silience, I would have gone to a library, the seats! so uncomfortable, I think I have a back problem now... but I would go again! :D

If you haven't watched The Social Network, I'm not going to spoil it for you, then again, there's not that much to be  spoiled...
It is funny, serious at times, and easy to understand. Again, not much to get confused about, and if you probably need to get Hooked On Phonics... I'm kidding...... maybe.

By the end of the movie you'll probably be telling yourself one of two things. Either, "Wow, Mark Zuckerberg is so smart, I bet he probably sleeps with a dictionary as a pillow!! Great Job! Hooray for Facebook!!! weeeeeeeeeeee" OR "That Mark Zuckerberg dude... he's a thief! a thief, I tell ya! Gah, I feel like deleting my Facebook account!!! hear me roar!!!!!" 

This movie is about the funding of Facebook, so don't expect anyone to 1. Get killed, 2. Hilarious moments, 3. Dancing with Mickey mouse, waving their hands in the air like they just don't care... Alright, maybe noone expects to see Mickey Mouse in it, but it'd be hilarious.

If you haven't seen it yet....go watch it! It'll make you want to "like" it. Thumbs up!
and if you have seen it, what did you think of it? Did it make you want to send fruit baskets to everyone on your friends' list? or did it make you want to throw a water balloon at Mark Zuckerberg? maybe two water balloons? three?

I'm happy with Facebook being around. It's a new way to communicate, and it won't go away soon! So you bette start "liking" it.  What do you "like" about Facbook? or don't like???!?!?!?!?

Sorry for all the bad "Like" jokes... I've had too much coffee today... Send me a doughnut.

Also, to the lady who was watching it behind me, I know you probably saw it before, but why did you keep commenting on what was about to happen?!!?!? WHY??!?!?!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clifton's Cafeteria! Where are the mean lunch ladies at?!??!

*Food post**

Recently, I went to Clifton's Cafeteria...More like I went back, after  a seven year absence. I remember going here almost every Sunday, as a kid, and I guess that somehow stopped...

                         (I don't know who Clifton is...I'm sure he was nice)

(The second floor...Filled with facts about this place...Lots of reading to do...)

I used to probably pig out (and maybe oink) on chicken, and dessert , but as a vegan, there's not many options.... Vegetarians have a lot of dessert options... Maybe someday they'll have some vegan dessert?

All I could really get is fruits and vegetables.. Pineapple chunks, strawberries, salad, onion, and beets... Yeah, it might seem boring, like my Friday nights, and my childhood, but it was still good. My family says their other stuff is good too, and I remember I used to like's worth checking out.

(Cafeteria style. No mean lunch ladies here...Unless you make them mad!)

It still feels like the same Clifton's from seven years ago. The interior looks like a forest. There's animated raccoons, and other "animals"... May seem kind of creepy and fun. The cafeteria-style everything is still the same. You choose and get your own food (except for the meat and chicken stuff...there's ladies there to help you out...) and it all seems similar to when I was in school. Except, these ladies aren't yelling at you to hurry up.

(What I got....I forgot to photograph the ketchup favorite? thanks Heinz)

Overall, this place is fun, and if you've been here before, it always feels the same. If you haven't been here before, check it'll probably be entertained by the raccoon near the entrance/exit.

Hopefully the new owner keeps a lot of the same stuff...or else...I'll probably go and take that raccon ...and name it Pumba.
648 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1807
(213) 627-1673
Go pet the animated raccoon! oink.
Clifton's Brookdale on Urbanspoon

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jack in the Box called me fat. and maybe you too.... Lols

So anyone that's ever been around me during the day, probably knows that I like taking pictures of  things I like, or things I think are kind of weird, so that I can make fun of (Yeah, I need to take a break from just making fun of myself...... )

Recently, I was at a drive-thru at some Jack in the Box... What was I doing there? I don't know... Maybe I like going there for the ketchup...or maybe someone made me sit in the passenger sear and they got hungry... Either is fine. All you need to know is that I was there and I saw this piece of funny.

                           (Treat yourself to something extra... Sure.)

(Oh...thanks. That's great for my already low self-esteem)

I thought that was funny. Jack telling everyone to get something extra, but then having that "America fat, getting fatter" paper there just made me want to bring out some balloons and laugh like a hyena.

I'm sure everyone felt great after ordering large fries and bacon burger after that.
I'm kidding... I bet other people thought it was funny too.

As always, a lot of this post is sarcasm... just like my entire childhood. Yep...that didn't make sense.

At least it wasn't a paper on giant heads. Jack would have probably cried until his eyelashes fell off.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Animals make everything better?

I've noticed Animals make everything better.

As soon as you walk in the door, they're there to greet you ...or lick you... :/

(Snow. I wonder if he ever melts during the summer? =0)

What kind of pets do you have? A pony? Really? That's cool.

But, no, really...what kind of pets do you have? and if you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? Octopus?

I want a monkey, so I could talk to it all day and maybe scratch it's head?

meow woof
(My cat "Tigre" / "Tiger". Look @ that face, don't you want to take him home and pet him until he starts singing you a song or reading you a bed-time story?... me neither. That would be weird.)

Pets are great. Adopt, rescue an animal! and eat animal crackers if you want ...

Also, can you moo like a cow? I can. I like to think of it as a talent.

Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe: Revisited- Very Hot and Kind of vegan...

First "REVIEW" of Mama's .. click HERE to read if you want... and sorry this post looks weird...Blogger has some issues?

This past Sunday, after a great, fun, and blessed church event, I went back to Mama's Hot Tamales.
I had a great experience the first time there. I was hungry, hot, and with a headache, so I thought going back was a great typing this... :D

A lot of people say this area is "sketchy", and that prevents them from going here...they're missing out.

(Walk in...It smells and looks great!!!)

I wanted a Nopales (cactus) salad with vegan (Daiya) cheese and Vegan (with Daiya cheese) enchiladas, but guess what? They were out of Daiya. WHAT!? I almost started crying and slapping myself. Maybe not... but I was disappointed... :(   <--- Like that "smiley"

So I ordered a Nopales salad without the cheese and a Pineapple tamal....

The food did take a long time to get to us...I don't know why? Maybe they had to go cut a cactus from a desert? I'm kidding, but was kind of a long time to wait... :/
(This is one one of the walls. Interesting. Heh.)

When the nopales salad got there, there was another salad along with it (didn't know about it) (lettuce leaves, tomato, red cabbage, and pickle) BUT...there was cheese on it...NOT vegan cheese... I told the lady I didn't eat dairy she said she would get another one... I felt bad... but at least she was nice...

After that whole confusion... I got my tamal...2 of them. The kind lady said one was free because of the whole confusion thing... :D

The nopales salad was great. I wanted more. I actually think it tastes better without the vegan cheese!!! I could eat this all day. It seemed a little more "cooked" this time...and with more sauce?
(Who knew cactus taste great? Where's the nearest desert? I am going hunting for cactuses...I think California is a desert, right? I don't see any cactus! :( )

                                 (Pineapple tamal. Made me want to tell it : "you're great")
(Inside the Pinapple tamal...IDK if you can see some pineapple and a raisin see it?)

The pinapple tamal was really good too! It had pinapple (duh) and raisins inside. It was sweet, and I liked it... it made me want to start high-fiving people.

The "free" tamal was a corn tamal. This was also great. Sweet, but not as sweet as the pinapple one..
This made up for the whole waiting-for-a-long-time-and-the-no-vegan-cheese-oops-wrong-cheese-on-salad- thing...
(It looks like a comfy small pillow. Hai there, corn tamal)

Oh, and the Horchata was also good. I wish they would have given me gallons to bring back home...
(rice milk + cinnamon = win)

That's it, dudes and dudettes. Go there and eat stuff. Also, this is NOT a VEGAN restaurant...It's vegan friendly...So you meat eaters and vegetarians can go eat none-vegan stuff...
2122 West Seventh Street (a half a block west of Alvarado St., and directly across

the southern border of MacArthur Park), Los Angeles, CA 90057
If anyone ever plans on going to Mama's, tell me. I would like to accompany you and maybe embarrass myself.

Friday, September 24, 2010

F is for... Fall. Adios, summer, you were a good one, and I already miss you. Kind of... maybe not.

Woah, yes, it returns! another "F is for..." on a Friday!!.... High five!!!?
F is for.... Fall!!

Yes, you all know what that means!!!? No? Me neither...

(Fall, is that you?)

It is a new season! Pumpkins, turkeys (or Tofurkeys? =0),  leaves turn brown and fall to the ground (like my dreams of becoming an astronaut...I'm kidding, I never wanted to be an astronaut...) , you change the time on your clocks and watches (I November? What do I know, I don't work in a clock shop, and if I did...I still wouldn't know), and it also gets a little cooler (not in the "Yo dawg, look how cool I am" way, but the "Brrr, it's kind of chilly, someone give me a snuggie or two" way.)

(BabyCakes NYC Pumpkin cupcake... I want to pet it)

I like fall. I like it a lot. My favorite season. It's not hot nor cold, it's just right. Also, a lot of coffee places and bakeries (like BabyCakes NYC ;) ) start having "seasonal"/ holiday-ish stuff that taste great.

Do you like fall? No? fine, what's your favorite season then? Do you own a snuggie? I don't, they would make me look sillier, but I kind of do want one... to wear in public and embarrass everyone around me. I would wear it everywhere.

Fallllllllllllllllllllll is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... have a great fall and...try not to fall in public. It's embarrassing. I know. =0

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So... Old Mcdonald's had WiFi?

So I just read a Mcdonald's bag (not mine, it was in the trash) that said "Free WiFi served daily" and I took a picture to prove it.
I think that's pretty cool.  Although I'm not a Mickey D's fan, I can now actually go to a Mcdonald's for one reason. I can hook up all my WiFi enabled stuff and be just as happy as a chihuahua. I bet Ronald is also really happy, he probably started doing cartwheels.

Oh, and no, I didn't pick the bag out of the trash, that would have been was just visible... Too bad it wasn't a Happy Meal box thing.

and since this is already random enough, my cat likes ignoring me.
                                      (Maybe he was dehydrated???)

 Thumbs up for free WiFi!!!!! I'm lovin' it? Have a great day and eat an apple, I hear they keep the doctor away...Unless you like  going to the doctor's.. don't eat them. Your choice.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yo quiero Taco Bell... sauce!

I don't really eat at Taco Bell, but I do love their sauce. Mild, Hot, and Spicy!!! Someone should make a sauce- super hero group and name them that...

Anyway, Yes, the Taco Bell sauce packets are probably one of the things that can help me fall asleep at night. Not only do the sauces taste great, they also have silly stuff written on them.... Now I don't have to feel lonely anymore, or try so hard to start a conversation. Just whip out one of these packets and BAM! conversation started!

(What better way to propose than with one of the "Will you marry me?" packets???!!! Too bad there's not a "No way!" packet. Probably the only way rejection wouldn't hurt.)

Anyone know if they sell Taco Bell sauce in bottles in stores?? I need them.

I also wish they made taco bell sauce packets PILLOWS!!! So I could rest my big head on one of them. If anyone @ taco bell ever stumbles upon this, hit me up...I could write for your packets. My parents would be proud. Some of my many creations would be : "Pauly don't want a cracker, Pauly wants sauce" OR "Lonely no more, talk to me" OR "have we met before, you look familiar?"
Now those don't seem like good ones?

Do you like taco bell sauce!?!?!?

Woop. Someone send me a bunch of these and I will send you a picture of me from 3-5 years ago, so you can make fun of me and laugh none stop.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to schoo?! No way?! How to be cool and rad just in time because nobody cares.

I know a lot of people went back to school recently....and I didn' it made me remember how much of a mess I was in school.

Mostly all of my school memories are either, embarrassing or gone. I probably embarrassed myself in school more than I ever know...I think I embarrassed myself by just showing up.

(They might as well just give out a "Good Luck" certificate, no? Or maybe it's just me that wants one, then again, it is just paper dust, former school staff)

Also, I think the only "school" we (or I ) ever need was elementary school. Think about it....You learn how to spell your name, count, the abc's, recess, naps, and coloring. Then comes middle school, it's a waste of space, time, and energy. Nothing ever exciting ever happens in middle school, but you get that obviously sucks. Then it is high school... Can be fun or dreadful! My highschool experience was a combination of both. Started off well, but then it all went downhill, quicker than a broken rollercoaster that eventually just stayed stuck in the middle and never went anywhere. Yep, I think most of my teachers were just there to talk amongst themselves. Actually, I probably had more interesting conversattions with my teachers, than people my age. I don't know, most of the time I was just thinking how funny it would be if the ceiling would fall on the teachers and squish them like pancakes. Cruel? Maybe, but it sure would have been a good viral video.

Oh, and P.E classes made me want to take off both of my legs and use them as boomerangs. P.E classes should be called Painfully Embarrassing class. Most of the teachers are cruel and probably not well.

and on college or university or whatever....that will never happen,... bloop

How was your whole school expereince? O.k? good? GREAT!?! or bad? Or maybe good and bad? If you would go back, what 3 tips would you give yourself?

 Bells suck. Always gave me a headache.... I wonder if any of my teachers are ever going to pop out in a commercial...or on Animal Planet

Monday, September 6, 2010

Great thing about being facial-hairless is...

Not having to spend money on these useless, pieces of dumb, weird stuff.
(I'm lying. There is no great thing about being facial-hairless. Except if you want to be mistaken for a freaking 10 year old, and if that's you... you may want to see a doctor or a therapist)

Maybe Chewbacca can donate some hair to me and then I would  go floating inside a bubble far, far away feeling great. and then I would write a song about it. You want to help me write it?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Expiring sleeping cat makes fun of me.

(Sleepy cat is sleeping. I bet he's making fun of me in a dream.I wish it was as easy for me to fall asleep. and apparently he's "BEST BY" 20012!!!) :/)

I realized my cat meows a lot. Why? I have no idea, I think he wants me to be petting him 24/7 and that's impossible. What do you give your loud pet to calm it down?

Someone should invent a petting machine. An electronic human-like hand for when you're not there, to show them you care, while you're out, @ a fair....I could be a rapper, yo!


Friday, August 27, 2010

F is for... Fail. Failure is great!? I eat pencils. Teachers on Cops!?!?

F is for... Fail. Failure. Failing.

You know that feeling (no, not nausea, calm down)...the opposite of successful/ success? When you may feel like you want to crawl under a rock and eat dirt? (or pebbles...your choice) and when you might feel frustrated, angry, lonely, and wondering what to do next? Well, welcome to my world. That's a typical day in my life! I (I kid...)
(I remember these days, they sucked! Those F's made me want to poke myself in the eyes and eat pencils.)

Everyone fails. You probably have failed at trying new things, work, school (remember those big red F's on your paper? I do. I got tons of those..but I think most of my teachers were "interesting" and probably ended up on "Cops"...) It's normal for everyone to feel down after failing, but what is important is to know how to and pull yourself back up and brush yo shoulders off (I've always wanted to say that...I'm sorry)

What do you do after "failing" ? What's something you have failed at that made you better? Do you like cookies?
(You'll feel like a winner, after realizing you've become wiser, stronger, and maybe sillier after your fail)

At the end of the day (or weeks, months, years) you'll realize that failures only make you stronger. Why did I post this? because I've seen and heard tons of people complain about how much of a failure they've become, and I just want to throw a sack of potatoes at them and tell them to wake the frap up! and of course, I've felt like this too.

#Fail! whale will eat you if you don't prevail! and eat some cookies.
        (Some fridge magnet. I liked what it said, so I took a picture. high five!)

 and because this is already slightly a long post, let's make it even longer. Yes?
                      (A picture of my cat being embarrassed of me. ) #Fail!

and that's eyebrows are hurting, so there goes my amazing Friday night. #anotherfail

Friday, August 20, 2010

F is for... Following on Twitter!!! Fail whale!, restraining orders! and bloated birds!?!?

F is for... Following on Twitter!

By now, I'm sure everyone knows what Twitter is. If you don't, well I can't help you there. Maybe you can use google or something. Or go jump into a pool and be ashamed of yourself. Since it's launch in 2006, it has blown up and made tons and tons of people forget how to spell words. Afterall, you can only type in 140 characters. It's like everything I learned in school went flying out the window. Then again, I didn't really learn much in school, except for how to be miserable. (How do you like them fightnin' words, former teachers?)

With twitter, you can tweet your thoughts, where you're at, what you're doing, regrets, jokes, recipes, lyrics, pictures, mood, your social security #, your embarrassing stories (done it), and just about everything else that crosses your mind.
(This is how Twitter-ing usually goes down....with a giant white bird in front of you. ALWAYS...Tweeting from your computer or phone is just a few characters and clicks away!!! and I like turtles)

I like it because I can tweet how I embarrass myself on a daily basis and I can follow everyone and everything I like. Friends, companies, and even family members. I can follow and tweet what I think of them and embarrass them too.

It's cool and it's probably the only non-creepy way to follow someone. I'm sure if someone followed someone on the street, there would be more restraining orders than I can count...and I'm a great counter. Sometimes someone will follow you and it's probably a spammer, watch out!
    (@nobody345 : Spammer, go away! I'm tweetin' about my embarrassing rash)
The downside? The Fail Whale. The fail whale appears when Twitter is "over capacity". And by "over capacity" I think the Twitter maintainers are secretly reading everyone's tweets and planning on taking over the world.
(How can birds lift and carry a giant, twitter-fail, loud whale? I have no idea, but they do it. and they deserve an applause.)

Why do you like Twitter? What do you tweet about? Who do you follow? and if you don't Tweet...why not? are you ashamed? You have a rash too?
(Do you like turtles too!?!? Mr. Tweeter bird does.and he's bloated)

No compliments on my  great Paint drawings. I know they're just like Picasso's stuff.

Get tweeting! and maybe share your embarrassing rash stories too!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friday the 13th: Paris Hilton attacked me after car accident!?!?!? with avocados?!

This past Friday (the 13th), after some ROFLMAO-ing and some Fails (camera cracked, and cell phone almost died after falling), I was in a car accident! I wasn't driving, though... Some dude in a van hit us and it was weird, scary, and uncomfortable. After the whole information exchange, I looked to the right and what do I see? Paris Hilton. Yes. I could care less for her, but then she attacked!!
(You thought I was lying? Why would I lie!?!? There she is. Smiling. Little did I know I was about to get attacked!)

and by attack I mean laugh attack. I couldn't stop laughing like a hyena from the Lion King. Why? Well...because some perfume shop had not one, but two Paris Hilton stand-up cardboard cutouts.
( You see them? There's one on the right and one on the left. I don't know why they would need two, but I guess maybe they think she smells great. and that's weird.)

If you're wondering where that store is's in Downtown (LA) somewhere. I forgot exactly where, but if I ever go back, I'll update this so you can go and maybe take a picture with them? and then you can laugh all the way back home. and maybe cry, after you realize that it was a waste a time.

and since this post is already random enough...have a picture of half an avocado.
(They're great. Is it a fruit? Vegetable? Whatever it is (probably fruit, since it has that annoying seed that looks like a rotten brain (like mine)) it always makes everything taste good.)

Do you like avocados? Do you like card-board cutouts? Do you have one?

Yep. I write about card-board cutouts and avocados. No wonder I never get invited to parties.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I take G00d picturez. Thumbs up!?!

(Almost without gas. That's how I've been feeling.  I can make a lot of  jokes about a certain type of "gas", but I'm not going to...since I'm ALWAYS serious and I've been feeling a little bit "under the weather" (where's an umbrella?) and I don't like it.)

 and since I'm a serious "blogger", here's a great picture I took this past Friday.
 (Don't you just like the ducks? Or my thumb? or finger? I don't know if it was a thumb or a finger. So I'll call it my "Thumber" That sounds like a new kind of cell phone. "Hey! yo, I'm using my new, rad , awesome Thumber! Take that, iPhone!")

Fun. What do you do when you're feeling ill? Do you make yourself some soup? I don't. I can't cook, so there goes that option. Maybe someone can bring me some cauliflower and we can toss it around like a hot potato, or maybe tell each other embarrassing childhood memories. I have lots of those.

Hopefully this sick feeling goes away soon because I have parties to go to.....Yea, I didn't believe that one either...

Friday, August 13, 2010

F is for....Foursquare!! Check this out- check-in, check in!!!!!!!!!

F is for....Foursquare!

You know what Foursquare is, right? good. If you don't, you really need to pull yourself together and create an account. and then watch this video. It's short and it explains all.
It's simple. Just check in to places, find your friends, unlock badges, and maybe even get specials at your favorite place! Foursquare makes me want to check in to everything...They even have some cool shirts. I want one. Will you get me one?

I'm currently the mayor of some park and ....AND... BabyCakes NYC in Los Angeles. Yes, I'm the mayor of my favorite place! Think I'm lying? Check it here

How do you think the mayor of Los Angeles feels? Antonio Villaraigosa has nothing on me... How do you like them apples? (or oranges, or melons, or pears...whatever you prefer...maybe veggies? You like those, Mr. Mayor,...sir?)

Being mayor can be fun. It can get a bit competetive, watch out. My BabyCakes mayorship is like my kid.(I don't have a kid by the way...) Losing a mayorship is like someone taking your kid away from you. Do you want to take my kid away from me!!? HUH!!!!?

Imagine how Dora the Explorer would feel with a cell phone with Foursquare. She would not only speak spanish and english, she would start speaking all sorts of languages, start having friends (that stupid backpack and map don't count), and she would probably slap herself from the excitement.

Get a foursquare account, download it to your phone, and go explore!           

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Move it. Challenge?!!!!

I like stuffing my face and playing with gadgets, but lately, I've been moving a lot. Not the pack-your-stuff-we're-moving-to-a-new-place-I'm miserable type of moving. I mean moving, as in exercise? I add a question mark because they're pretty cool. Kidding, I add it because I don't even know if it's considered exercise, but it's moving. Every morning I've been waking up (not feeling like P.diddy, by the way...just in case that Kesha girl is reading this. Your songs are annoying too. Stop it with the autotune) wanting to move! Exercise! Although, sometimes it's hard to get started, by the end of it you'll feel great! I always pat myself on the back and tell myself I'm stronger than any superhero (hear that, Batman?) Yes, they're lies, but they make me feel great. Walking, weights, running, jumping jacks, I like it all (except yoga, makes me think I will tangle myself into a knot and not be able to get out of it. Then I'd probably start crying and it would just be awkward for all. Not good). Sure, my arms might still look twiggy, I may get tired quickly, and I might get sored, but the more active you are, the easier it will get. Space your "exercises" too. You don't want to burn yourself out and quit!!   and so this post isn't image-less, take a look at this  "drawing" I made in one minute. I know it's a work of art.
    (That's me, cheering you on. Why am I holding a dictionary? 'cause it makes me feel smart.)

Whatever the reason (bigger muscles? better health? better endurance?) exercise is good! What do you like doing for exercise? Walking? Running? Hiking? Weights? Yoga (looks painful), karate class (HIYA!), swimming, Stuff at the Gym? (gyms look weird),nothing at all (unacceptable, give me 20 crunches now! I'm kidding, do whatever you want.)

Get your iPod, your phone, and yourself ready, and go do some jumping jacks, pushups, and some strength training and you will feel like a winner. What will you win? I don't know. I'll make you a sandwich. and I'll tell you some jokes. Sounds like a plan? Great. Let's call this "Be more active everyday because you're a winner -challenge" It's not a challenge. It just makes it sounds exciting and kind of hardcore. Now stop reading this and go sweat like I did when I was in school. Those P.E classes were intense and embarrassing. I'm home schooling my future kids...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot dogs suck. Sandwiches rule!

Random post with more pictures than words(not really). why? I don't know. This has been bugging me and I have no patience to stare at the screen. I need sleep.

I've come to the conclusion that hot dogs suck. A hot dog is just a "Wannabe" sandwich. The difference between a hot dog and a sandwich is that the hot dog tastes pretty nasty. It's not the bun's's the freaking sausage. Even before I was a vegan I didn't like hot dogs. I remember I used to just eat the bun with ketchup and mustard...and of course, relish. The vegan "sausage" substitutes taste pretty bland and gross too, unlike the "turkey" and "bologna" slices.
             (Hot dog, you suck. The bun can stay.It's not the bun, it's you sausage.)
          (Tried these pups, and they are horrible. Sorry Lightlife. Your other products are great, though..)
(These are better, but still have a very similar taste. Still gross. Sorry Yves, you can do better. I BELIEVE in you.)
                         (Now we're talkin'! Sanwich to the rescue!!!)
(These are better. Sausages can learn a lesson from these. Make me want to eat them out of the package!)
(These are my favorite. Taste similar to the Yves, but a bit better. I could make a house out of these and eat it, and re-build it again, and eat it once more. You are welcomed to helping me build and eat them. Make sure you bring an imaginary hammer.)
        (A sandwich-like thing with different bread. I tell ya, buns are great. and so are "slices") and while we're at's a picture of BabyCakes NYCstuff I got today. (why am I posting this? 'cause there's a cookie sandwich in the picture!!!!!! fyi BabyCakes gallery here )

There you have it. Hot dogs suck (The bun are good) and any type of sandwich is great! (PB&J, cookie sandwich, "turkey" sandwiches, and heck, even oreos!!!) By the way, if for some reason you didn't catch it (or you stumbled across this page by accident), everything in this post is animal stuff in anything, even if some things do look "real"-ish and great..)

What's your favorite type of sandwich? Do you prefer them over those nasty hot dogs? Where can I find some good-tasting sandwiches in LA?

The sausages make me want to fling them at people...Now that would be kind of funny. I want some relish. You have some?