Sunday, April 4, 2010


I don't know what Easter is about, and I actually could care less. The only things I want to know is why people go on egg hunts, "celebrate'' with bunnies, and eat chocolate? I'm curious. Did someone just wake up one morning with this idea? It sounds like something I would come up with, after a week without sleep...
Anyhow, what else do people do on Easter? I decided since it was easter, to visit my favorite place on earth: The BabyCakes NYC bakery in LA! I got a brownie cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, and a cinnamon sugar doughnut! All vegan, all good, all great tasting. I am slightly obsessed with them, in a good way. More of them to come, but for now here is a picture to make you all jealous: (Brownie Cupcake)

That's all for now! Happy easter, happy Sunday, go to church (if you want)!

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