Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh Baby: BabyCakes NYC- Los Angeles

Who would have thought that I would become such a fan of BabyCakes NYC! Not me, that's for sure. I was never really into sweets (cupcakes, doughnuts, candy, etc...) But that has all changed! I am now the self proclaimed #1 BabyCakes NYC fan. I've lost count of how many times I've been to the bakery, it is crazy, like my ear-wiggling talent! I should just live in a cardboard box outside the bakery so I can be the first to go in everyday!  …Stop reading this (for now) and enjoy the pictures!

(It's open! GO!!!)

Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcake: Moist, soft, and sweet (Like my love for babycakes...)! The frosting is the best part!

Cookie sandwich: One of their more (if not the most?) popular good. Two chocolate chip cookies with the famous frosting in the middle! Sweet and Genius! You can freeze it and it tastes better than ice cream. You can also pet it and talk to it...It is so good, it'll talk back to you!

What makes this bakery so awesome is that EVERYTHING is vegan. I was really sad and lonely before BabyCakes because all other vegan sweets from grocery stores were good...but nothing to write about... :( Most of the stuff is gluten-free. Others contain spelt. Also, a lot of their stuff is sweetened with Agave...No unrefined sugar in anything. It is much healthier than other bakeries, but doesn't really tase "healthy". MY non-celiac/vegan family like their stuff too! The employees there are also pretty cool. They’ll patiently wait for you to make up your mind on what to order (I can take a long time to make up my mind...sorry) Seriously, everything about this place is awesome. I've also bought the BabyCakes Cookbook to make some on my own! (Hopefully I won't burn anything...)I’m also thinking of learning how to swim, but that’s for another post…. Ahem,
(That says "Our to die for Biscuits with homemade Jam." That's right. They really are to die for!)
My favorites are: The Chocolate dipped doughnut and the Biscuit with Jam!!  The carrot cupcake is pretty amazing as well, and the savory biscuit...and well,… everything else! The menu is ever-expanding

I like BabyCakes so much, I got my birthday cake from them!.

Whether you decide to eat the goods in the bakery, or at home, BabyCakes will make you do cartwheels from happiness. It’ll make your life much better. Really. I think they should change their name to “Utopia" or “We’ll keep you coming back for more". Oh, you can buy out the Bakery for a night to have your own frosting party!!!! Call them!
This isn’t my first post about them, and it sure won’t be the last.

*Read about my BabyCakes NYC birthday cake here
*Read about their amazing shirts here

Oh, they also deliver. (Do they ever stop being awesome?)

Maybe someday I'll visit the New York bakery? and I can't wait for what else BabyCakes NYC comes up with. More sweets and merch!!!
Everyone should thank Erin McKenna, the bakers, and everyone else at BabyCakes NYC for making life sweeter, better, delicious, and amazing. *Applause*

*By the Way, Don't get confused by other BabyCakes bakeries. Many are named the same, BUT Without the "NYC"  Even though it is "BabyCakes" for short, (Fast Times!) BabyCakes NYC = Vegan and gluten free/WIN!.. Other "BabyCakes" or "Baby Cakes" = meh.*
                                            (Their cool neon sign!)

* I've made a picture gallery with most of their "goods" I've had so far. Maybe it can help you decide what you'll order next time? Or maybe you can just look at the pictures... Includes some descriptions and what contains spelt.....Click HERE *

130 East 6th Street (between S. Main Street and S. Los Angeles Street)
Check out their site for more info:
I left my heart in BabyCakes NYC. Woooooo! Now go leave yours!

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