Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey Mac: Mac And Cheeza

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I've wanted something cheesy for some time (food-wise) now and I heard of this place in downtown Los Angeles. Mac And Cheeza. This little food place makes mac and cheese however you want it. You start off by choosing a size(silly ,but kinda funny names), then you can order regular or rice noodles and either, soy cheese(vegan) or regular cheese. You can then add a bunch of veggies or meats (they have a vegan "veggie sausage'') and top it off with more cheese or spicy toasted walnuts.

I got a baby mac with soy cheese and mushrooms.

There you go.
So cheeesyyyyyyy!

My vegan baby mac with mushrooms was good. It could be better. The soy cheese doesn't really taste like cheese (there are other vegan cheeses they could try!) It smelled good though..
It's great that I can now eat vegan mac and cheese in downtown! Maybe next time I should add more veggies? Again, could be better, but it was still good. My sister tried a non vegan version and liked it, so maybe it's just the "vegan'' mac that needs just a little bit of more cheeseeeee!!!!

The staff seemed nice. It was a bit quiet when I was there. A little too quiet, I wanted to start singing some kind of tv show theme song to makes things more comfortable (or un-comfortable) for everyone .... and also

good thing I brought my mac n cheese home because...I didn't know where to sit?  The white bench? or those black things? Maybe the floor would have been more comfortable. IDK

Mac And Cheeza
Downtown Los Angeles
223 W. 8th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014
go noodles for mac and cheeza!!!

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