Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Souplantation, Anyone?

A few days ago, I had lunch at Souplantation. I had never been to one, so I was pretty exited. I checked out their website to see what vegan stuff they had before going. The wesbsite listed that there were a couple salads and soups that were vegan so I was ok.
When you get there, you are faced with the salad bar, and I loved it. I went crazy with all sorts of veggies. When I got to the soups...I noticed that there weren't any vegan ones! All I ate was veggies and fruits, and while it might sound bland...I was ok with it. (Really. I love vegetables and fruits. They're my best friends.) It was disapointing that I didn't try any vegan soups, but what can you do. There's always next time (and other souplantations!)

The workers were nice though, and the atmosphere was great. The music wasn't too loud either!

C'mon Souplantation. Have some vegan stuff for me next time...Or I will not be happy! >:(
Don't make me make my own soups!

I went to this Souplantation:
2131 W Commonwealth Ave
Alhambra, CA 91803
Souplantation on Urbanspoon
Gimme some soup next time. >:(

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