Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take a hike! and farmer's market fun!!

You know what I like doing more than anything? walking. Yep, walking. I would walk everywhere if I could! (except that I get pretty tired  Anyway, since today seemed like a nice day, My sister and I thought going to a farmer's market in DTLA, Pershing square, would be fun. and it was!!! Too bad YOU weren't there.We would have had an amazing time. Life-changing, even!
                        You say tomato, and I say soon-to-be-ketchup, or sauce? ....  and strawberries!!!
Trash can. I threw stuff in it. booyah.

lol. look at my amazing picture taking skills. Have some nuts and seeds, and my thumb.
The guys at this little stand were kinda cool. Great conversation about...stuff.

stuff in bags.
Farmer's markets are fun. Look for fresh fruits/veggies, nuts and seeds! Great time to buy things you like and meet new people. See you there next time? Great.

After that...It was time to go to Griffith Park! mini-hike time? You bet.
I almost started reenacting scenes from the Lion King here! Roar?

Speaking of Roars...I saw this guy here. Coyote? IDK, but whatever it is, it was pretty cool. I named him Flounder, the fish.

Yep. That's all. What is one thing YOU like doing when you have an off day? or boring day? or just a normal day? Do you like Farmer's Markets? Parks? Going out doors and exploring? Nature? Hiking?

thanks for reading, now go take a hike!

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