Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who's Your Daddy? Father's day and Souplantation-revisited.

Yep. It is father's day. It was a fun one. I'm of course, not a dad. (What a surprise, right???...) Since my dad's favorite place to eat is Souplantation, that's where we ( mom and 2 sisters included)

I got a huge salad, apple, and a baked potato, oh...and grapes! Seedles!!In your face, grapes with seeds.

by the way, their salad bar is probably the only bar I'll ever step into, unless I go to another salad bar?

I wonder when I will become a dad! It's kind of crazy to think about. First I'll need to find a girlfriend, and have an out-of-this-world amazing relationship, then who knows what will happen. I guess God will decide how things will turn out....for now I'll just be lonely. Kidding. Kind of...

Oh yea, I also noticed Souplantation has only 1 P in their name! What's up with that? It made me feel REALLY stupid, but it's ok, I'm used to being kind of stupid.

I wonder what grapes with seeds feel like. How do you think they feel compared to seedless? Seedless grapes are less annoying to eat. I hope the ones with seeds didn't get bullied in grape school :(

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