Friday, July 30, 2010

F is for...Flowers! Cauliflower basketball!?!?!? dribble!!!

F is for....Flowers. Cauliflower, actually. Yea, I know...but it does have an F in it.

I like cauliflowers. I like to stare at them, I like to smell them, and of course, I like to use them as basketballs...Kidding. I like eating them. I don't know if it's an actual flower...but I don't care. I don't care for any other flowers, except for this one. Don't get me wrong..I'm not a "flower hater", that goes around cutting them from people's gardens or flower shops. It's just that I haven't really paid much attention to them. Maybe I should? Do I sound like an evil person now!?!?!?!? NO!!!! Don't worry...I'll go buy some right now..for my girlfriend........Oh wait, I don't have one... Maybe I'll go smell some at my neighbor's place. Wow...That'd be creepy.

Anyway, in case you've never seen cauliflower(...really?...) have a picture.
(Doesn't it look...great? I like eating it raw...A lot of people don't like it without cooking it....I can't cook, so that's the best I can do..... I can microwave it that cooking? I'mma cooking!)

Yep. Pretty much a random post.

Do you like cauliflower? I do. and for this post's sake...what other flowers do you like? Can you name any? I can't...

I can't believe this is what I do on a Friday night... kidding. :DDDDD

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BabyCakes NYC !! Pictures!!!!!!!! Gallery!!!!

Since everyone that knows me knows that I think BabyCakes NYC is pretty awesome (#1 "fan"? I need a BabyCakes foam finger!!), I decided to make a gallery with everything I've had from them! I don't want to be greedy and keep the pictures to myself! Also, this can serve as a "guide" or a picture menu to help you decide what you want to order! I put descriptions on some of the pictures and said which contain spelt...(For the gluten free people!) :D

        (Look at Carrot cupcake. You can't resist it. So good, it knows your name.)

Since the first time I stepped foot into the L.A bakery,(My first "review" is here) I knew it was something crazy special! It smelled and looked so good, I almost fell while standing....crazy! Knowing that EVERYTHING was vegan = HUGE plus! I knew I had to take pictures of every single "good" they have. It's like the cupcakes, doughnuts, biscuits, and other stuff are pieces of art! Great, delicious, edible art!!! I decided that I wanted to try everything they have to offer, but that soon became unrealistic (even with my twice a week (sometimes three!!) visits...) Their menu is ever-expanding!!!!  and that's a good thing. So the best I could do was to try something new everytime I went to the bakery (I've come close. Took me a while. Especially since I'm not gluten-free...I can have things made with spelt. Tried all the spelt cupcakes AND Gluten free cupcakes. They taste the same!) I've fallen hard for their treats and also now know what spelt (flour), garbanzo-fava bean flour, and xanthan gum are. I can't wait to see what other stuff they have in store! (Of course, the gallery will be updated as I try them)  I'm here if you need a taste-tester...
Some pictures might look kind of.. off (mostly the earlier pictures I took) but that's o.k. The pictures might not be the greatest quality, but again...they're not too bad. I'm lucky I even finished uploading the pictures...It was a pain, but it's done now! Things vary from bakery to bakery, so some "goods" might not be in the New York bakery, may look a bit different, etc... I warn you, the pictures will make you so hungry and make you want some BabyCakes, that your eyeballs might pop out... Not my fault.You can go to the doctor later...or pop 'em back in by yourself.

How lucky are we in Los Angeles? The once, New York only bakery, is taking over the world. At least I hope it does!!! People are begging Erin Mckenna to open a BabyCakes in Canada! They'd also do well in Australia..and heck, even in Antartica. The penguins would love it.

                   To go to the BabyCakes NYC goods gallery:  Click HERE 

If you haven't gotten yourself some BabyCakes it! It'll make you want to start high-fiving people on your way in and out of the bakery..(or after you've ordered online!!)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ducks on a pla!...No... Ducks at a Park! QUACK!!!

When it gets boring, a park is fun. Even more fun? Ducks (and geese) at a park. I went quackers at Whittier Narrows Recreational Area park!!!
(Look at 'em. Just swimming, talking about how lame I am. 6 lucky ducks.They obviously wanted to be in the picture.)
                   (Look at the ones in the background. They were planning on attacking me. I can just tell.)
(Some guy was feeding them, so they left....:( Always being ignored...)

(Except for these two. I named the one on the left Mustard and the one on the right, Spatula. Such fitting names. I had a great conversation with Spatula. Pretty informative and funny duck. The other one...was too busy tickiling and sniffing itself. Reminded me of myself....KIDDING. I do not tickle and sniff myself....:/ )

(Here are some trees and water. There was some guy fishing! Poor fish! They were still in school... :(  get it?
(These swings were pretty cool. Not many people around, so I went crazy on these. Most fun I've ever had. It was intense.)

This has nothing to do with ducks, but...what the hay:
(My cat. It sort of looks like he's doing yoga? I don't know. Would ask him, but as you can see, he was too busy laughing at my hilarious knock knock jokes.)

So what's the point of this? NOTHING. NONE. NADA. Except, that I do not know the difference between ducks, geese, and swans. They kind of look the same.....yep, I'm pretty stupid.  Do you know the difference?

The only ducks I know are rubber ones. Rubber duckies. quack!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

F is for....Friends!!!!!!! Party hats and party animals?

F is for.....Friends!!!!

Guess what? I have some friends! (** Imaginary crowd SHOCK reaction sound effect**) and I bet YOU do too!! You probably made some in school, work, church, out in about, through other friends, at wal-mart, your favorite shops/stores, library, garbage dump (If you like "hanging out" need help), online (not the creepy kind), restaurant, park, hot air balloon ride, being sea sick on a ship,  etc... You can make friends anywhere and anytime! If you need something, you can text/call them (or in person, of course) and they will be there to make fun of you! I you! :)
(Here's some "drawing" I made on Paint. It's obviously a masterpiece, so no need to give me compliments on it. I'm the one with the party hat on ,'Cause I love to myself, and I'm also holding a calculator...'cause you know...I'm smart. And the thing next to me is my cat, but it looks more like a pig. I meant to do that.)

I've recently started "finding" old friends again! From former schools and church! As well as new ones! I think there's a reason behind every friend you find and make. What is that reason? Similarities? Differences? Both? I don't know. Maybe it was just meant to happen!  You can lose friends too, so try to be a good friend in return and they will  do the same.

What do you like doing with friends? Am I your friend? No? Fine, guess it's back to talking to the cat for me...and wearing my party hat. by myself. on a Friday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MAC on this! Mac & Cheeza-- Revisited.

Today, I hit  Mac and Cheeza again in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA is so awesome now! BabyCakes NYC and Mac & Cheeza!!)) Second time here, and second time getting a Vegan baby Mac, soy cheese and mushrooms. This time I decided to add green onions too...I don't know why..I felt like it? and I like onions. A lot.
(Choose your size! choose it!!!!! It's fun! It's like a game show! "Gimme a....BABY mac" now...some Mushrooms!!! and onions!! I WIN!!)
(Before I ate it. all. yum)
(I don't know..I ran out of  "captions"...Read on...)

This time, I actually really liked the mac and (soy) cheese! In  my first "review", which you can read here , I said that the cheese could be more...cheesy and it still needs to! but this time, it tasted kind of better? Still runny (like my tears...) Maybe they're working on it... who knows. YOU should ask them. O.k...I will, next time.

Again, it still smelled great (yep, smelly in a good way) , they could use Daiya cheese...., and it was kind of quiet...It probably gets busier and louder later, I don't know. I could go sing the ABC's for them if they want to, but it is still a cool place. (I should stop with the CHEESY "jokes" ;) get it...CHEESy?) ;) I'm bored.

Oh, and they also now have "special" toppings each week! Broccoli, cut up hot dogs (Vegan and non), and Soyrizo (Also Vegan) I really like that they have a lot more vegan options now! Thank YOU Mac & Cheeza!!! High-five?!!!

NOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny word. I like it. Go get some mac & cheeza!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dora the Explorer? Talking maps, violent umbrella--Exploring for Dora Game!!!

Here is a picture of Dora the Explorer in some kind of gummy candy box, looking like she wants to high-five you, but she  is actually planning on attacking you with her talking map, and an umbrella.... She is obviously a cash cow. And I'm sure she probably lives in a big, huge, giant house somewhere in CrazyMakeBelieve Land. She probably talks to her own house too. I mean, the girl already talks to her backpack and map...How do I know this? I don't know... I heard it from some...friends. I'm kidding, I don't have friends, I just spend watching Dora the Explorer every morning...eating cereal...and crying.

Why am I posting this? Because the hot weather makes me want to do silly things. But no, the reason I'm posting this is because she is everywhere! Tv, movies, food stuff, magazines, etc... and I actually came up with a game .(since I'm obviously lonely) Everytime I see Dora in any size, shape, or form...I'll snap a picture of it and make fun of it. Easy and simple. Want to join me? If you do, send me your Dora pics through e-mail, twitter, facebook, or via a pigeon. Or you can send them with a letter, I never get letters :(

Sounds like fun!? Send your Dora pictures and we can make fun of her together! Who knows how many there'll be by the end of the year. I'll call this "Exploring for Dora the Explorer, 'cause she talks to herself and I'm bored game"

Oh yea, I hear Dora "grew up/got a make over" so if you see any of that...that counts too. I don't know what the grown up version looks like, but I'm sure she's just as annoying and still talks to things that can't talk back. Poor girl.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life's a beach! Totally radical. dude. dude? Surf's up? or down!!?!

When it gets hot in L.A....It gets HOT! Imagine a tanning bed...on FIRE! IDK...I think tanning beds seem pretty hot and scary.  Anyway, I get pretty anxious and frustrated when it's  this Friday and Saturday it was time to hit the beach!

This post will be more pictures than words, because...let's be totally honest and serious, pictures are better than words...Especially if the words are coming from me. Right? Right!??  and I'm sunburned.

On Friday, it was Malibu-ish beach!
        (Look at the sky! Doesn't it look like a dove-ish thing? Not the soap! the bird-ish thing...with wings...and eyes)
(Here are some beach rocks...Like you've never seen rocks before ey? I'm sorry.. I wish I had found some seashells for your viewing pleasure...too bad I missed them)
                 (but I bet you've never seen a more awesome-ish splah picture! TADA!!! O.k, It's not that exiting, but what can I do. There isn't any dolphins at the beach. Not that I know of. and if there are dolphins at the beach, they probably were trying to avoid me. Everyone already does...)

Then today (Saturday!!!) was time to hit Dockweiler State Beach. yeah, Idk...near LAX?
(Pretty water. You've never seen water either, right?....)
(What about seagulls. You like seagulls, right? Everyone does! They make noise...kind of remind me of the ones I make when I'm having a nightmare...)

And that's that. Oh, One more amazing picture for you. JUST YOU.
 (A SANDwich. Get it? Beach SAND, SANDwich? yep. It was good. Needed more ketchup though. You got some?)

Do you like going to the beach? What do you like doing when it's so hot? Getting dressed in a chicken suit? Weirdo. and yes, Beach = fun. Too  bad I can't surf, dude. Totally Radical?

End of post. I need to stop typing and take a nap. I'm a bit sunburned and probably hallucinating. No wonder I don't have a girlfriend... "See" you next time.

Friday, July 16, 2010

F is for... Fears. Coward and Crazy clown Ronald! and a pancake?

F is for Fears!

My fears are heights and getting lost somewhere... Yep. I'm kind of a coward!

I've always been scared of heights. I don't know why, I guess I always feel like I'm going to fall to the ground and turn into a pancake-like thing. (Without syrup!!!!) I've never ridden a rollercoaster because of this, and honeslty, I don't think I ever will! Plus, waiting in line for a rollercoater seems kind of boring. I'd rather read a dictionary...
(Yes, I own a dictionary. shocking? Maybe...Anyway, this picture is here because...well, it's just here to make this post more attractive...)

Getting lost...Sometimes, I feel like I'll somehow end up in a crazy maze and will never find the exit. I think what caused this "fear", is a playplace at McDonald's. When I was like five or six (I'm lying, I was twelve) I remember I felt like I couldn't get out the of playplace things. It was scary. I actually blame Ronald for this fear. His make-up is crazy scary enough..

What are your fears? Or....what WERE some of your fears, and how did you overcome them? Tell me, It would sure help me feel better about myself.......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Smile like you mean it!! Nose-less smiley!!?

You know what's something that you can do to make yourself and others feel good? Knit a sweater. Kidding...............Smile!
A simple smile can brighten up anyone's day. Smile to your neighbors, people in your community, people you see on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly. It doesn't matter as long as you smile everytime you see them. You never know when you'll see them again!
If you don't know how to smile (then you probably don't have a face!) practice in front of a mirror, or you can smile at me...I have nothing better to do I also have dimples, so if you have dimples...let's be dimples buddies and we name 'em.
    (Look at this smiley face. Doesn't it just make you want to smile? No? I'm sorry, all I have is paint, so this is the best I can do. Plus, I added a nose to it...)

Do you like smiling?  Also, when you draw a smiley face, do you add a nose to it? I do. Everyone thinks I'm weird for drawing one on... How is it weird? Poor smiley needs a nose. How else would it be able to breathe!!!??

Remember, just a quick smile will do. You don't want to smile with your teeth showing the entire time you're staring at someone... they  will probably freak out and think you want to eat them ...and your teeth might fall out...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Attack of the pigeons!!! Doughnut troubles!

Today, as I was looking at some birds outside (It's what I do for fun. Hey, I'm lonely here...) I wondered what Pigeons do for fun...but then, something hit me and I wondered.....How do you spell Pigeons. With  or without a d? After googling for some answers (thank you internet.) I think the correct one is without a d. Pigeon!

Pigeons or Pidgeons?
         (Pigeons! I wonder what they're saying to each other there.. "Hey look at this weirdo snapping a pic of us, he looks lost, poor guy" or " He must be lonely"....or maybe they were planning on attacking/pooping on me. That would have been fun. I'm used to it. :/)

And also,
Doughnuts or Donuts? WHO CARES, as long as they're good. Really, either spelling is correct! wooohoo!
(look at this BabyCakes NYC doughnut. Don't you just want to use it as a pillow, talk to it, smell it, and then eat it? It's good.)

  Okay, actually, I'm not 100% sure what the correct spelling is for those words...but if you find out, tell me. I'll be here all day.......and tomorrow, and the next day, everyday...

Who made these words? and why are there two ways of spelling them? What other words can you think of that are similar to those?^ Do you care how you spell them? Do you know how to make pigeon sounds? I don't.
Imagine a poor kid at a spelling bee with either of these words! How lost, confused, and nervous would he/she beeeeee? (get it? beeeeeeeeeeeeee spelling beeeeee)


Friday, July 9, 2010

F is for....Flaws!!!! Poke those dimples and explosion!!???!

F is for.....Flaws!

Yep. Everyone has flaws! Nobody is perfect. It is just not possible. You can be tall, short, fat, skinny, shy, selfish etc.. and not feel comfortable, but you have to accept your flaws. A short person might want to be taller, and the tall person might want to be shorter. Or like me, I sometimes wish I wasn't as sarcastic... or as talented and amazing as I am...(kidding ;)) I can't help it, but I use it to my advantage. I use it to make fun of myself and write this blog. Other flaws I have are (long list so, bear with me):

I have dimples (I like to poke them), I'm too skinny (but I love eating), I am sometimes short-tempered (It's like an explosion!), I can't sit still for long periods of time (I like moving), I can be VERY, VERY shy at first, but I get over it (am I blushing now? wtfudge?)  and I'm sure there's lots more, but I have a headache right now and can't think of others... bloop...

(Just look at the slice of bread on the right...It's a sandwich bread end. That's it's flaw! Compared to it's brother next to it, it looks odd. A lot of people hate them, but I love them. Sure, it might not be the same size as the other slices, It might look wrinkly like a raisin, but it is what it is. It tastes the same and can still make an amazing sandwich!!!)

What are some of your flaws? How do you feel about them?  Are you rude? selfish? well, then don't talk to me..kidding (again). How do you embrace your flaws? Telllllllllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

You gotta love yourself, love others, and give yourself a it.. and make yourself a sandwich!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's get physical...Dead Snow white!?

How was everyone's 4th of July/ long weekend? Amazing? I knew it. My 4th was kind of...boring, all I did was talk to my cat and eat oreos....... but the 5th was great.

On Monday, we went to Whittier Narrows Recreation Area park. There were lots and lots of people! Family and church friends! and food (but no tofu!!!People, tofu is just as good as candy!!!) Time to get physical?...(huh?)

It was a nice day to be outdoors, eat food, and play ball. And play ball I did. I never knew sports were fun! Even though it wasn't so intense, I still enjoyed it. Only thing is, I don't know any sports it was kind of all over the place...just like my driving.

Here are a couple of  pictures...because I'm bored.. boom!
(I sure do miss that green ball. It was like my child...of course, I would never leave a child beneath a tree. What?...I wouldn't. Unless it was named Tarzan.)
    (Imagine how lost Snow White would be here. She wouldn't just faint. She would faint, shake, rattle, roll, and do the hokey pokey...and maybe the thriller dance too!...Let's blame Dopey.)

It was  fun, but at the end of the day, I was tired. The next morning I woke up feeling sored all over, and that's not fun. I felt like a beat up pinata!

What sports do YOU like? Do you even like sports? If not sports, do you like exercising?  Do you like pinatas? I don't.

Where's the jump rope, 'cause I wanna jump......................

Friday, July 2, 2010

F is for: Fourth of July!!!!!! and fireworks!? pop n boom

Fourth of July is just around the corner! Know what else is just around the corner? A Subway restaurant. but that doesn't matter...

Independence Day, aka Fourth of July, is a day of celebration! It's a day to honor the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the birthday of the United States of America! Wooo. Time to eat!!!?
A lot of people tend to celebrate by having picnics, parties, and sewing! (kidding)
There's also fireworks!  Lots and lots of fireworks! You can go see a fireworks show in your area if available, or just watch them on t.v. Do you like fireworks? I don't. They scare me and my dog. I'd rather just turn the lights on and off and stare at an amazing screensaver with fishies on my computer.
(Here's a picture of a flag. Duh. It was in the car for some reason..)

What are you doing for fourth of July/long weekend? are you having  a  barbeque? Going on a picnic with a hot date? I wish I was, but I'm not. Maybe I should just get a cardboard cutout or mannequin and name it Molly. Molly the mole. Maybe we should all get together and play a rocking game of chess or operation! No? ok... :(

   Anyway, have fun, go outdoors, take pictures, be safe, and bring me some sea shells, 'cause I like em. A lot.