Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BabyCakes NYC !! Pictures!!!!!!!! Gallery!!!!

Since everyone that knows me knows that I think BabyCakes NYC is pretty awesome (#1 "fan"? I need a BabyCakes foam finger!!), I decided to make a gallery with everything I've had from them! I don't want to be greedy and keep the pictures to myself! Also, this can serve as a "guide" or a picture menu to help you decide what you want to order! I put descriptions on some of the pictures and said which contain spelt...(For the gluten free people!) :D

        (Look at Carrot cupcake. You can't resist it. So good, it knows your name.)

Since the first time I stepped foot into the L.A bakery,(My first "review" is here) I knew it was something crazy special! It smelled and looked so good, I almost fell while standing....crazy! Knowing that EVERYTHING was vegan = HUGE plus! I knew I had to take pictures of every single "good" they have. It's like the cupcakes, doughnuts, biscuits, and other stuff are pieces of art! Great, delicious, edible art!!! I decided that I wanted to try everything they have to offer, but that soon became unrealistic (even with my twice a week (sometimes three!!) visits...) Their menu is ever-expanding!!!!  and that's a good thing. So the best I could do was to try something new everytime I went to the bakery (I've come close. Took me a while. Especially since I'm not gluten-free...I can have things made with spelt. Tried all the spelt cupcakes AND Gluten free cupcakes. They taste the same!) I've fallen hard for their treats and also now know what spelt (flour), garbanzo-fava bean flour, and xanthan gum are. I can't wait to see what other stuff they have in store! (Of course, the gallery will be updated as I try them)  I'm here if you need a taste-tester...
Some pictures might look kind of.. off (mostly the earlier pictures I took) but that's o.k. The pictures might not be the greatest quality, but again...they're not too bad. I'm lucky I even finished uploading the pictures...It was a pain, but it's done now! Things vary from bakery to bakery, so some "goods" might not be in the New York bakery, may look a bit different, etc... I warn you, the pictures will make you so hungry and make you want some BabyCakes, that your eyeballs might pop out... Not my fault.You can go to the doctor later...or pop 'em back in by yourself.

How lucky are we in Los Angeles? The once, New York only bakery, is taking over the world. At least I hope it does!!! People are begging Erin Mckenna to open a BabyCakes in Canada! They'd also do well in Australia..and heck, even in Antartica. The penguins would love it.

                   To go to the BabyCakes NYC goods gallery:  Click HERE 

If you haven't gotten yourself some BabyCakes it! It'll make you want to start high-fiving people on your way in and out of the bakery..(or after you've ordered online!!)

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