Monday, July 19, 2010

Dora the Explorer? Talking maps, violent umbrella--Exploring for Dora Game!!!

Here is a picture of Dora the Explorer in some kind of gummy candy box, looking like she wants to high-five you, but she  is actually planning on attacking you with her talking map, and an umbrella.... She is obviously a cash cow. And I'm sure she probably lives in a big, huge, giant house somewhere in CrazyMakeBelieve Land. She probably talks to her own house too. I mean, the girl already talks to her backpack and map...How do I know this? I don't know... I heard it from some...friends. I'm kidding, I don't have friends, I just spend watching Dora the Explorer every morning...eating cereal...and crying.

Why am I posting this? Because the hot weather makes me want to do silly things. But no, the reason I'm posting this is because she is everywhere! Tv, movies, food stuff, magazines, etc... and I actually came up with a game .(since I'm obviously lonely) Everytime I see Dora in any size, shape, or form...I'll snap a picture of it and make fun of it. Easy and simple. Want to join me? If you do, send me your Dora pics through e-mail, twitter, facebook, or via a pigeon. Or you can send them with a letter, I never get letters :(

Sounds like fun!? Send your Dora pictures and we can make fun of her together! Who knows how many there'll be by the end of the year. I'll call this "Exploring for Dora the Explorer, 'cause she talks to herself and I'm bored game"

Oh yea, I hear Dora "grew up/got a make over" so if you see any of that...that counts too. I don't know what the grown up version looks like, but I'm sure she's just as annoying and still talks to things that can't talk back. Poor girl.

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