Monday, July 26, 2010

Ducks on a pla!...No... Ducks at a Park! QUACK!!!

When it gets boring, a park is fun. Even more fun? Ducks (and geese) at a park. I went quackers at Whittier Narrows Recreational Area park!!!
(Look at 'em. Just swimming, talking about how lame I am. 6 lucky ducks.They obviously wanted to be in the picture.)
                   (Look at the ones in the background. They were planning on attacking me. I can just tell.)
(Some guy was feeding them, so they left....:( Always being ignored...)

(Except for these two. I named the one on the left Mustard and the one on the right, Spatula. Such fitting names. I had a great conversation with Spatula. Pretty informative and funny duck. The other one...was too busy tickiling and sniffing itself. Reminded me of myself....KIDDING. I do not tickle and sniff myself....:/ )

(Here are some trees and water. There was some guy fishing! Poor fish! They were still in school... :(  get it?
(These swings were pretty cool. Not many people around, so I went crazy on these. Most fun I've ever had. It was intense.)

This has nothing to do with ducks, but...what the hay:
(My cat. It sort of looks like he's doing yoga? I don't know. Would ask him, but as you can see, he was too busy laughing at my hilarious knock knock jokes.)

So what's the point of this? NOTHING. NONE. NADA. Except, that I do not know the difference between ducks, geese, and swans. They kind of look the same.....yep, I'm pretty stupid.  Do you know the difference?

The only ducks I know are rubber ones. Rubber duckies. quack!!!!!!!!!!

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