Friday, July 2, 2010

F is for: Fourth of July!!!!!! and fireworks!? pop n boom

Fourth of July is just around the corner! Know what else is just around the corner? A Subway restaurant. but that doesn't matter...

Independence Day, aka Fourth of July, is a day of celebration! It's a day to honor the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the birthday of the United States of America! Wooo. Time to eat!!!?
A lot of people tend to celebrate by having picnics, parties, and sewing! (kidding)
There's also fireworks!  Lots and lots of fireworks! You can go see a fireworks show in your area if available, or just watch them on t.v. Do you like fireworks? I don't. They scare me and my dog. I'd rather just turn the lights on and off and stare at an amazing screensaver with fishies on my computer.
(Here's a picture of a flag. Duh. It was in the car for some reason..)

What are you doing for fourth of July/long weekend? are you having  a  barbeque? Going on a picnic with a hot date? I wish I was, but I'm not. Maybe I should just get a cardboard cutout or mannequin and name it Molly. Molly the mole. Maybe we should all get together and play a rocking game of chess or operation! No? ok... :(

   Anyway, have fun, go outdoors, take pictures, be safe, and bring me some sea shells, 'cause I like em. A lot.

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