Friday, July 23, 2010

F is for....Friends!!!!!!! Party hats and party animals?

F is for.....Friends!!!!

Guess what? I have some friends! (** Imaginary crowd SHOCK reaction sound effect**) and I bet YOU do too!! You probably made some in school, work, church, out in about, through other friends, at wal-mart, your favorite shops/stores, library, garbage dump (If you like "hanging out" need help), online (not the creepy kind), restaurant, park, hot air balloon ride, being sea sick on a ship,  etc... You can make friends anywhere and anytime! If you need something, you can text/call them (or in person, of course) and they will be there to make fun of you! I you! :)
(Here's some "drawing" I made on Paint. It's obviously a masterpiece, so no need to give me compliments on it. I'm the one with the party hat on ,'Cause I love to myself, and I'm also holding a calculator...'cause you know...I'm smart. And the thing next to me is my cat, but it looks more like a pig. I meant to do that.)

I've recently started "finding" old friends again! From former schools and church! As well as new ones! I think there's a reason behind every friend you find and make. What is that reason? Similarities? Differences? Both? I don't know. Maybe it was just meant to happen!  You can lose friends too, so try to be a good friend in return and they will  do the same.

What do you like doing with friends? Am I your friend? No? Fine, guess it's back to talking to the cat for me...and wearing my party hat. by myself. on a Friday.

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