Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life's a beach! Totally radical. dude. dude? Surf's up? or down!!?!

When it gets hot in L.A....It gets HOT! Imagine a tanning bed...on FIRE! IDK...I think tanning beds seem pretty hot and scary.  Anyway, I get pretty anxious and frustrated when it's  this Friday and Saturday it was time to hit the beach!

This post will be more pictures than words, because...let's be totally honest and serious, pictures are better than words...Especially if the words are coming from me. Right? Right!??  and I'm sunburned.

On Friday, it was Malibu-ish beach!
        (Look at the sky! Doesn't it look like a dove-ish thing? Not the soap! the bird-ish thing...with wings...and eyes)
(Here are some beach rocks...Like you've never seen rocks before ey? I'm sorry.. I wish I had found some seashells for your viewing pleasure...too bad I missed them)
                 (but I bet you've never seen a more awesome-ish splah picture! TADA!!! O.k, It's not that exiting, but what can I do. There isn't any dolphins at the beach. Not that I know of. and if there are dolphins at the beach, they probably were trying to avoid me. Everyone already does...)

Then today (Saturday!!!) was time to hit Dockweiler State Beach. yeah, Idk...near LAX?
(Pretty water. You've never seen water either, right?....)
(What about seagulls. You like seagulls, right? Everyone does! They make noise...kind of remind me of the ones I make when I'm having a nightmare...)

And that's that. Oh, One more amazing picture for you. JUST YOU.
 (A SANDwich. Get it? Beach SAND, SANDwich? yep. It was good. Needed more ketchup though. You got some?)

Do you like going to the beach? What do you like doing when it's so hot? Getting dressed in a chicken suit? Weirdo. and yes, Beach = fun. Too  bad I can't surf, dude. Totally Radical?

End of post. I need to stop typing and take a nap. I'm a bit sunburned and probably hallucinating. No wonder I don't have a girlfriend... "See" you next time.

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