Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MAC on this! Mac & Cheeza-- Revisited.

Today, I hit  Mac and Cheeza again in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA is so awesome now! BabyCakes NYC and Mac & Cheeza!!)) Second time here, and second time getting a Vegan baby Mac, soy cheese and mushrooms. This time I decided to add green onions too...I don't know why..I felt like it? and I like onions. A lot.
(Choose your size! choose it!!!!! It's fun! It's like a game show! "Gimme a....BABY mac" now...some Mushrooms!!! and onions!! I WIN!!)
(Before I ate it. all. yum)
(I don't know..I ran out of  "captions"...Read on...)

This time, I actually really liked the mac and (soy) cheese! In  my first "review", which you can read here , I said that the cheese could be more...cheesy and it still needs to! but this time, it tasted kind of better? Still runny (like my tears...) Maybe they're working on it... who knows. YOU should ask them. O.k...I will, next time.

Again, it still smelled great (yep, smelly in a good way) , they could use Daiya cheese...., and it was kind of quiet...It probably gets busier and louder later, I don't know. I could go sing the ABC's for them if they want to, but it is still a cool place. (I should stop with the CHEESY "jokes" ;) get it...CHEESy?) ;) I'm bored.

Oh, and they also now have "special" toppings each week! Broccoli, cut up hot dogs (Vegan and non), and Soyrizo (Also Vegan) I really like that they have a lot more vegan options now! Thank YOU Mac & Cheeza!!! High-five?!!!

NOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny word. I like it. Go get some mac & cheeza!

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