Friday, August 27, 2010

F is for... Fail. Failure is great!? I eat pencils. Teachers on Cops!?!?

F is for... Fail. Failure. Failing.

You know that feeling (no, not nausea, calm down)...the opposite of successful/ success? When you may feel like you want to crawl under a rock and eat dirt? (or pebbles...your choice) and when you might feel frustrated, angry, lonely, and wondering what to do next? Well, welcome to my world. That's a typical day in my life! I (I kid...)
(I remember these days, they sucked! Those F's made me want to poke myself in the eyes and eat pencils.)

Everyone fails. You probably have failed at trying new things, work, school (remember those big red F's on your paper? I do. I got tons of those..but I think most of my teachers were "interesting" and probably ended up on "Cops"...) It's normal for everyone to feel down after failing, but what is important is to know how to and pull yourself back up and brush yo shoulders off (I've always wanted to say that...I'm sorry)

What do you do after "failing" ? What's something you have failed at that made you better? Do you like cookies?
(You'll feel like a winner, after realizing you've become wiser, stronger, and maybe sillier after your fail)

At the end of the day (or weeks, months, years) you'll realize that failures only make you stronger. Why did I post this? because I've seen and heard tons of people complain about how much of a failure they've become, and I just want to throw a sack of potatoes at them and tell them to wake the frap up! and of course, I've felt like this too.

#Fail! whale will eat you if you don't prevail! and eat some cookies.
        (Some fridge magnet. I liked what it said, so I took a picture. high five!)

 and because this is already slightly a long post, let's make it even longer. Yes?
                      (A picture of my cat being embarrassed of me. ) #Fail!

and that's eyebrows are hurting, so there goes my amazing Friday night. #anotherfail

Friday, August 20, 2010

F is for... Following on Twitter!!! Fail whale!, restraining orders! and bloated birds!?!?

F is for... Following on Twitter!

By now, I'm sure everyone knows what Twitter is. If you don't, well I can't help you there. Maybe you can use google or something. Or go jump into a pool and be ashamed of yourself. Since it's launch in 2006, it has blown up and made tons and tons of people forget how to spell words. Afterall, you can only type in 140 characters. It's like everything I learned in school went flying out the window. Then again, I didn't really learn much in school, except for how to be miserable. (How do you like them fightnin' words, former teachers?)

With twitter, you can tweet your thoughts, where you're at, what you're doing, regrets, jokes, recipes, lyrics, pictures, mood, your social security #, your embarrassing stories (done it), and just about everything else that crosses your mind.
(This is how Twitter-ing usually goes down....with a giant white bird in front of you. ALWAYS...Tweeting from your computer or phone is just a few characters and clicks away!!! and I like turtles)

I like it because I can tweet how I embarrass myself on a daily basis and I can follow everyone and everything I like. Friends, companies, and even family members. I can follow and tweet what I think of them and embarrass them too.

It's cool and it's probably the only non-creepy way to follow someone. I'm sure if someone followed someone on the street, there would be more restraining orders than I can count...and I'm a great counter. Sometimes someone will follow you and it's probably a spammer, watch out!
    (@nobody345 : Spammer, go away! I'm tweetin' about my embarrassing rash)
The downside? The Fail Whale. The fail whale appears when Twitter is "over capacity". And by "over capacity" I think the Twitter maintainers are secretly reading everyone's tweets and planning on taking over the world.
(How can birds lift and carry a giant, twitter-fail, loud whale? I have no idea, but they do it. and they deserve an applause.)

Why do you like Twitter? What do you tweet about? Who do you follow? and if you don't Tweet...why not? are you ashamed? You have a rash too?
(Do you like turtles too!?!? Mr. Tweeter bird does.and he's bloated)

No compliments on my  great Paint drawings. I know they're just like Picasso's stuff.

Get tweeting! and maybe share your embarrassing rash stories too!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friday the 13th: Paris Hilton attacked me after car accident!?!?!? with avocados?!

This past Friday (the 13th), after some ROFLMAO-ing and some Fails (camera cracked, and cell phone almost died after falling), I was in a car accident! I wasn't driving, though... Some dude in a van hit us and it was weird, scary, and uncomfortable. After the whole information exchange, I looked to the right and what do I see? Paris Hilton. Yes. I could care less for her, but then she attacked!!
(You thought I was lying? Why would I lie!?!? There she is. Smiling. Little did I know I was about to get attacked!)

and by attack I mean laugh attack. I couldn't stop laughing like a hyena from the Lion King. Why? Well...because some perfume shop had not one, but two Paris Hilton stand-up cardboard cutouts.
( You see them? There's one on the right and one on the left. I don't know why they would need two, but I guess maybe they think she smells great. and that's weird.)

If you're wondering where that store is's in Downtown (LA) somewhere. I forgot exactly where, but if I ever go back, I'll update this so you can go and maybe take a picture with them? and then you can laugh all the way back home. and maybe cry, after you realize that it was a waste a time.

and since this post is already random enough...have a picture of half an avocado.
(They're great. Is it a fruit? Vegetable? Whatever it is (probably fruit, since it has that annoying seed that looks like a rotten brain (like mine)) it always makes everything taste good.)

Do you like avocados? Do you like card-board cutouts? Do you have one?

Yep. I write about card-board cutouts and avocados. No wonder I never get invited to parties.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I take G00d picturez. Thumbs up!?!

(Almost without gas. That's how I've been feeling.  I can make a lot of  jokes about a certain type of "gas", but I'm not going to...since I'm ALWAYS serious and I've been feeling a little bit "under the weather" (where's an umbrella?) and I don't like it.)

 and since I'm a serious "blogger", here's a great picture I took this past Friday.
 (Don't you just like the ducks? Or my thumb? or finger? I don't know if it was a thumb or a finger. So I'll call it my "Thumber" That sounds like a new kind of cell phone. "Hey! yo, I'm using my new, rad , awesome Thumber! Take that, iPhone!")

Fun. What do you do when you're feeling ill? Do you make yourself some soup? I don't. I can't cook, so there goes that option. Maybe someone can bring me some cauliflower and we can toss it around like a hot potato, or maybe tell each other embarrassing childhood memories. I have lots of those.

Hopefully this sick feeling goes away soon because I have parties to go to.....Yea, I didn't believe that one either...

Friday, August 13, 2010

F is for....Foursquare!! Check this out- check-in, check in!!!!!!!!!

F is for....Foursquare!

You know what Foursquare is, right? good. If you don't, you really need to pull yourself together and create an account. and then watch this video. It's short and it explains all.
It's simple. Just check in to places, find your friends, unlock badges, and maybe even get specials at your favorite place! Foursquare makes me want to check in to everything...They even have some cool shirts. I want one. Will you get me one?

I'm currently the mayor of some park and ....AND... BabyCakes NYC in Los Angeles. Yes, I'm the mayor of my favorite place! Think I'm lying? Check it here

How do you think the mayor of Los Angeles feels? Antonio Villaraigosa has nothing on me... How do you like them apples? (or oranges, or melons, or pears...whatever you prefer...maybe veggies? You like those, Mr. Mayor,...sir?)

Being mayor can be fun. It can get a bit competetive, watch out. My BabyCakes mayorship is like my kid.(I don't have a kid by the way...) Losing a mayorship is like someone taking your kid away from you. Do you want to take my kid away from me!!? HUH!!!!?

Imagine how Dora the Explorer would feel with a cell phone with Foursquare. She would not only speak spanish and english, she would start speaking all sorts of languages, start having friends (that stupid backpack and map don't count), and she would probably slap herself from the excitement.

Get a foursquare account, download it to your phone, and go explore!           

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Move it. Challenge?!!!!

I like stuffing my face and playing with gadgets, but lately, I've been moving a lot. Not the pack-your-stuff-we're-moving-to-a-new-place-I'm miserable type of moving. I mean moving, as in exercise? I add a question mark because they're pretty cool. Kidding, I add it because I don't even know if it's considered exercise, but it's moving. Every morning I've been waking up (not feeling like P.diddy, by the way...just in case that Kesha girl is reading this. Your songs are annoying too. Stop it with the autotune) wanting to move! Exercise! Although, sometimes it's hard to get started, by the end of it you'll feel great! I always pat myself on the back and tell myself I'm stronger than any superhero (hear that, Batman?) Yes, they're lies, but they make me feel great. Walking, weights, running, jumping jacks, I like it all (except yoga, makes me think I will tangle myself into a knot and not be able to get out of it. Then I'd probably start crying and it would just be awkward for all. Not good). Sure, my arms might still look twiggy, I may get tired quickly, and I might get sored, but the more active you are, the easier it will get. Space your "exercises" too. You don't want to burn yourself out and quit!!   and so this post isn't image-less, take a look at this  "drawing" I made in one minute. I know it's a work of art.
    (That's me, cheering you on. Why am I holding a dictionary? 'cause it makes me feel smart.)

Whatever the reason (bigger muscles? better health? better endurance?) exercise is good! What do you like doing for exercise? Walking? Running? Hiking? Weights? Yoga (looks painful), karate class (HIYA!), swimming, Stuff at the Gym? (gyms look weird),nothing at all (unacceptable, give me 20 crunches now! I'm kidding, do whatever you want.)

Get your iPod, your phone, and yourself ready, and go do some jumping jacks, pushups, and some strength training and you will feel like a winner. What will you win? I don't know. I'll make you a sandwich. and I'll tell you some jokes. Sounds like a plan? Great. Let's call this "Be more active everyday because you're a winner -challenge" It's not a challenge. It just makes it sounds exciting and kind of hardcore. Now stop reading this and go sweat like I did when I was in school. Those P.E classes were intense and embarrassing. I'm home schooling my future kids...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot dogs suck. Sandwiches rule!

Random post with more pictures than words(not really). why? I don't know. This has been bugging me and I have no patience to stare at the screen. I need sleep.

I've come to the conclusion that hot dogs suck. A hot dog is just a "Wannabe" sandwich. The difference between a hot dog and a sandwich is that the hot dog tastes pretty nasty. It's not the bun's's the freaking sausage. Even before I was a vegan I didn't like hot dogs. I remember I used to just eat the bun with ketchup and mustard...and of course, relish. The vegan "sausage" substitutes taste pretty bland and gross too, unlike the "turkey" and "bologna" slices.
             (Hot dog, you suck. The bun can stay.It's not the bun, it's you sausage.)
          (Tried these pups, and they are horrible. Sorry Lightlife. Your other products are great, though..)
(These are better, but still have a very similar taste. Still gross. Sorry Yves, you can do better. I BELIEVE in you.)
                         (Now we're talkin'! Sanwich to the rescue!!!)
(These are better. Sausages can learn a lesson from these. Make me want to eat them out of the package!)
(These are my favorite. Taste similar to the Yves, but a bit better. I could make a house out of these and eat it, and re-build it again, and eat it once more. You are welcomed to helping me build and eat them. Make sure you bring an imaginary hammer.)
        (A sandwich-like thing with different bread. I tell ya, buns are great. and so are "slices") and while we're at's a picture of BabyCakes NYCstuff I got today. (why am I posting this? 'cause there's a cookie sandwich in the picture!!!!!! fyi BabyCakes gallery here )

There you have it. Hot dogs suck (The bun are good) and any type of sandwich is great! (PB&J, cookie sandwich, "turkey" sandwiches, and heck, even oreos!!!) By the way, if for some reason you didn't catch it (or you stumbled across this page by accident), everything in this post is animal stuff in anything, even if some things do look "real"-ish and great..)

What's your favorite type of sandwich? Do you prefer them over those nasty hot dogs? Where can I find some good-tasting sandwiches in LA?

The sausages make me want to fling them at people...Now that would be kind of funny. I want some relish. You have some?

Friday, August 6, 2010

F is for...Farmville. 3 little pigs and a human cow?!!

F is for....Farmville!!!!

Farmville seems to have captured a lot of facebook user's hearts and their minds. (AND 7-eleven...they have some Farmville ice cream and other weird stuff. Creepy) Why? I have NO IDEA! Really, this game makes me want to go run an underwater marathon. I'd rather play actual, real-life operation. I'm not saying it's stupid, but if you like Farmville, why do you like it? What do you think is fun about it? Should I give it another shot? Should I not?

And since I don't want this post to be image-less, have my reenactment of Farmville...with some figures:
(Oh hey Piggy, *Wink.* Do you think this little piggy went to market? Or the eye doctor? Maybe some wolf blew his house down...and he got some debris in his eye.)
(There's some person inside that Cow costume...Wow...What do I say? Maybe the human cow is waiting for his crops to grow? Or maybe he just noticed how dumb he looks. Don't have a cow (or pigs), man!)

Oh, and I don't know where these figures came from. I saw them and took a picture of them....Maybe I should return them? Do you want them?

So yep...What's cool about Farmville? I feel bad for the cows...I don't want to milk them :( . Tell me 3 great things about Farmville, and I may just start growing some crops...They grow faster than facial hair on me...


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm AWESOME & Great!?!!?!? so are you! awards suck!?

What do you like to do when you're feeling a little "meh" or a little "blah" or maybe a little "sigh-y" ? Or when you're sick, plans change, or you just feel like a monkey without a banana....

I like giving awards to myself.  Since it was a "meh" day today, I went to a super important person (who is actually kind of awesome.) and I am proud to say, I got a certificate of Excellence for "being AWESOME & Great" (If you insist...)I don't think I'm awesome or great, but these super important people do, so what the hey. Might as well take it and roar about it....roar.

What? you think I'm lying? here's a picture for you!
Click Pic to see it bigger. woahhhh
(Doesn't it look so...official?. That smiley face sure looks like it...Oh, and I couldn't find a black marker...I mean, the very important people couldn't...'cause you know...they're so important and busy, they don't know where they left the markers....or their minds...)
             (And I also like making myself (vegan) sandwiches. They make everything taste good. You want one? I'm a pro at sandwich makin'. Or like the kids say it "It's kinda like my thing." And by kids, I mean me and my cat.)

What do you like doing on a "blah" day? Making sandwiches? Making milkshakes? Baking? Shaking? Waking? Taking?  Karaoking?

Speaking of awards, Why is MTV still having video music awards? That's like me throwing a party!! COMPLETELY USELESS AND WORTHLESS!!! (unless there's some intense checkers playing going on...) Just sayin'...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Downtown Los Angeles is the new black? !

Short post. Ready, get set, go!
                                                  (Red light. They suck)

I remember when I was around the age of eight or nine, my family and I used to go to Downtown LA every Sunday, after church...Why? I honestly don't remember... It was over a decade don't blame me. Plus, I'm pretty I forget things...a lot...Who doesn't??
Anyway, as I read through a copy of  Los Angeles Downtown News newspaper, I came across the "2010 Best Of Downtown" ... People voted on best restaurant, business, shopping, entertainment, etc...I got excited when I read that BabyCakes NYC had won Best Bakery and Best cupcakes! (I voted. ha) Mac and Cheeza also won for best Mac and cheese. The Pershing Square farmer's market also won for..."Best Farmer's Market" (where I get my fruits and veggies from) I'm happy they won because Pershing Square is cool, BabyCakes is all vegan and Mac and Cheeza has vegan options!! They weren't around when I was nine (no wonder I was miserable...kidding) and now I can happily have vegan stuff and karate/kung fu my way through downtown (Again, kidding...I don't know any karate or Kung Fu moves...but I know they go "HIYA!!!") I'm happy for DTLA's "fresher" new revamp! Are you happy? Do you know any Karate or Kung Fu moves?
                                  (Pershing Square Farmer's Market..trashcan.)
(Inside Mac & Cheeza)
                      (Mac & Cheeza's Macaroni wall. I want to draw me eating it.)
(BabyCakes NYC!!!! Favorite, best, amazing. Ignore the tree. I named it "Simba". He likes BabyCakes too)
(Go get yourself all this @ BabyCakes. All is good. Especially the Biscuit With Jam...I can't stop talking about it, dreaming about it, petting it, and eating it.)

 I'm sure there are a lot more places in Downtown to check out. I've never attended the ArtWalk...Maybe I will soon!

If anyone knows of any other VEGAN or VEGAN-friendly food places in downtown, let me know..I'll be on it like white on rice...woooooooooooooooooooo

Oh, and I lied about the short post thing....Sorry dudes and chicks. I get carried ants.