Monday, August 2, 2010

Downtown Los Angeles is the new black? !

Short post. Ready, get set, go!
                                                  (Red light. They suck)

I remember when I was around the age of eight or nine, my family and I used to go to Downtown LA every Sunday, after church...Why? I honestly don't remember... It was over a decade don't blame me. Plus, I'm pretty I forget things...a lot...Who doesn't??
Anyway, as I read through a copy of  Los Angeles Downtown News newspaper, I came across the "2010 Best Of Downtown" ... People voted on best restaurant, business, shopping, entertainment, etc...I got excited when I read that BabyCakes NYC had won Best Bakery and Best cupcakes! (I voted. ha) Mac and Cheeza also won for best Mac and cheese. The Pershing Square farmer's market also won for..."Best Farmer's Market" (where I get my fruits and veggies from) I'm happy they won because Pershing Square is cool, BabyCakes is all vegan and Mac and Cheeza has vegan options!! They weren't around when I was nine (no wonder I was miserable...kidding) and now I can happily have vegan stuff and karate/kung fu my way through downtown (Again, kidding...I don't know any karate or Kung Fu moves...but I know they go "HIYA!!!") I'm happy for DTLA's "fresher" new revamp! Are you happy? Do you know any Karate or Kung Fu moves?
                                  (Pershing Square Farmer's Market..trashcan.)
(Inside Mac & Cheeza)
                      (Mac & Cheeza's Macaroni wall. I want to draw me eating it.)
(BabyCakes NYC!!!! Favorite, best, amazing. Ignore the tree. I named it "Simba". He likes BabyCakes too)
(Go get yourself all this @ BabyCakes. All is good. Especially the Biscuit With Jam...I can't stop talking about it, dreaming about it, petting it, and eating it.)

 I'm sure there are a lot more places in Downtown to check out. I've never attended the ArtWalk...Maybe I will soon!

If anyone knows of any other VEGAN or VEGAN-friendly food places in downtown, let me know..I'll be on it like white on rice...woooooooooooooooooooo

Oh, and I lied about the short post thing....Sorry dudes and chicks. I get carried ants.

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