Friday, August 27, 2010

F is for... Fail. Failure is great!? I eat pencils. Teachers on Cops!?!?

F is for... Fail. Failure. Failing.

You know that feeling (no, not nausea, calm down)...the opposite of successful/ success? When you may feel like you want to crawl under a rock and eat dirt? (or pebbles...your choice) and when you might feel frustrated, angry, lonely, and wondering what to do next? Well, welcome to my world. That's a typical day in my life! I (I kid...)
(I remember these days, they sucked! Those F's made me want to poke myself in the eyes and eat pencils.)

Everyone fails. You probably have failed at trying new things, work, school (remember those big red F's on your paper? I do. I got tons of those..but I think most of my teachers were "interesting" and probably ended up on "Cops"...) It's normal for everyone to feel down after failing, but what is important is to know how to and pull yourself back up and brush yo shoulders off (I've always wanted to say that...I'm sorry)

What do you do after "failing" ? What's something you have failed at that made you better? Do you like cookies?
(You'll feel like a winner, after realizing you've become wiser, stronger, and maybe sillier after your fail)

At the end of the day (or weeks, months, years) you'll realize that failures only make you stronger. Why did I post this? because I've seen and heard tons of people complain about how much of a failure they've become, and I just want to throw a sack of potatoes at them and tell them to wake the frap up! and of course, I've felt like this too.

#Fail! whale will eat you if you don't prevail! and eat some cookies.
        (Some fridge magnet. I liked what it said, so I took a picture. high five!)

 and because this is already slightly a long post, let's make it even longer. Yes?
                      (A picture of my cat being embarrassed of me. ) #Fail!

and that's eyebrows are hurting, so there goes my amazing Friday night. #anotherfail

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