Friday, August 20, 2010

F is for... Following on Twitter!!! Fail whale!, restraining orders! and bloated birds!?!?

F is for... Following on Twitter!

By now, I'm sure everyone knows what Twitter is. If you don't, well I can't help you there. Maybe you can use google or something. Or go jump into a pool and be ashamed of yourself. Since it's launch in 2006, it has blown up and made tons and tons of people forget how to spell words. Afterall, you can only type in 140 characters. It's like everything I learned in school went flying out the window. Then again, I didn't really learn much in school, except for how to be miserable. (How do you like them fightnin' words, former teachers?)

With twitter, you can tweet your thoughts, where you're at, what you're doing, regrets, jokes, recipes, lyrics, pictures, mood, your social security #, your embarrassing stories (done it), and just about everything else that crosses your mind.
(This is how Twitter-ing usually goes down....with a giant white bird in front of you. ALWAYS...Tweeting from your computer or phone is just a few characters and clicks away!!! and I like turtles)

I like it because I can tweet how I embarrass myself on a daily basis and I can follow everyone and everything I like. Friends, companies, and even family members. I can follow and tweet what I think of them and embarrass them too.

It's cool and it's probably the only non-creepy way to follow someone. I'm sure if someone followed someone on the street, there would be more restraining orders than I can count...and I'm a great counter. Sometimes someone will follow you and it's probably a spammer, watch out!
    (@nobody345 : Spammer, go away! I'm tweetin' about my embarrassing rash)
The downside? The Fail Whale. The fail whale appears when Twitter is "over capacity". And by "over capacity" I think the Twitter maintainers are secretly reading everyone's tweets and planning on taking over the world.
(How can birds lift and carry a giant, twitter-fail, loud whale? I have no idea, but they do it. and they deserve an applause.)

Why do you like Twitter? What do you tweet about? Who do you follow? and if you don't Tweet...why not? are you ashamed? You have a rash too?
(Do you like turtles too!?!? Mr. Tweeter bird does.and he's bloated)

No compliments on my  great Paint drawings. I know they're just like Picasso's stuff.

Get tweeting! and maybe share your embarrassing rash stories too!!!

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