Friday, August 6, 2010

F is for...Farmville. 3 little pigs and a human cow?!!

F is for....Farmville!!!!

Farmville seems to have captured a lot of facebook user's hearts and their minds. (AND 7-eleven...they have some Farmville ice cream and other weird stuff. Creepy) Why? I have NO IDEA! Really, this game makes me want to go run an underwater marathon. I'd rather play actual, real-life operation. I'm not saying it's stupid, but if you like Farmville, why do you like it? What do you think is fun about it? Should I give it another shot? Should I not?

And since I don't want this post to be image-less, have my reenactment of Farmville...with some figures:
(Oh hey Piggy, *Wink.* Do you think this little piggy went to market? Or the eye doctor? Maybe some wolf blew his house down...and he got some debris in his eye.)
(There's some person inside that Cow costume...Wow...What do I say? Maybe the human cow is waiting for his crops to grow? Or maybe he just noticed how dumb he looks. Don't have a cow (or pigs), man!)

Oh, and I don't know where these figures came from. I saw them and took a picture of them....Maybe I should return them? Do you want them?

So yep...What's cool about Farmville? I feel bad for the cows...I don't want to milk them :( . Tell me 3 great things about Farmville, and I may just start growing some crops...They grow faster than facial hair on me...


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