Friday, August 13, 2010

F is for....Foursquare!! Check this out- check-in, check in!!!!!!!!!

F is for....Foursquare!

You know what Foursquare is, right? good. If you don't, you really need to pull yourself together and create an account. and then watch this video. It's short and it explains all.
It's simple. Just check in to places, find your friends, unlock badges, and maybe even get specials at your favorite place! Foursquare makes me want to check in to everything...They even have some cool shirts. I want one. Will you get me one?

I'm currently the mayor of some park and ....AND... BabyCakes NYC in Los Angeles. Yes, I'm the mayor of my favorite place! Think I'm lying? Check it here

How do you think the mayor of Los Angeles feels? Antonio Villaraigosa has nothing on me... How do you like them apples? (or oranges, or melons, or pears...whatever you prefer...maybe veggies? You like those, Mr. Mayor,...sir?)

Being mayor can be fun. It can get a bit competetive, watch out. My BabyCakes mayorship is like my kid.(I don't have a kid by the way...) Losing a mayorship is like someone taking your kid away from you. Do you want to take my kid away from me!!? HUH!!!!?

Imagine how Dora the Explorer would feel with a cell phone with Foursquare. She would not only speak spanish and english, she would start speaking all sorts of languages, start having friends (that stupid backpack and map don't count), and she would probably slap herself from the excitement.

Get a foursquare account, download it to your phone, and go explore!           

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