Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot dogs suck. Sandwiches rule!

Random post with more pictures than words(not really). why? I don't know. This has been bugging me and I have no patience to stare at the screen. I need sleep.

I've come to the conclusion that hot dogs suck. A hot dog is just a "Wannabe" sandwich. The difference between a hot dog and a sandwich is that the hot dog tastes pretty nasty. It's not the bun's's the freaking sausage. Even before I was a vegan I didn't like hot dogs. I remember I used to just eat the bun with ketchup and mustard...and of course, relish. The vegan "sausage" substitutes taste pretty bland and gross too, unlike the "turkey" and "bologna" slices.
             (Hot dog, you suck. The bun can stay.It's not the bun, it's you sausage.)
          (Tried these pups, and they are horrible. Sorry Lightlife. Your other products are great, though..)
(These are better, but still have a very similar taste. Still gross. Sorry Yves, you can do better. I BELIEVE in you.)
                         (Now we're talkin'! Sanwich to the rescue!!!)
(These are better. Sausages can learn a lesson from these. Make me want to eat them out of the package!)
(These are my favorite. Taste similar to the Yves, but a bit better. I could make a house out of these and eat it, and re-build it again, and eat it once more. You are welcomed to helping me build and eat them. Make sure you bring an imaginary hammer.)
        (A sandwich-like thing with different bread. I tell ya, buns are great. and so are "slices") and while we're at's a picture of BabyCakes NYCstuff I got today. (why am I posting this? 'cause there's a cookie sandwich in the picture!!!!!! fyi BabyCakes gallery here )

There you have it. Hot dogs suck (The bun are good) and any type of sandwich is great! (PB&J, cookie sandwich, "turkey" sandwiches, and heck, even oreos!!!) By the way, if for some reason you didn't catch it (or you stumbled across this page by accident), everything in this post is animal stuff in anything, even if some things do look "real"-ish and great..)

What's your favorite type of sandwich? Do you prefer them over those nasty hot dogs? Where can I find some good-tasting sandwiches in LA?

The sausages make me want to fling them at people...Now that would be kind of funny. I want some relish. You have some?

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