Monday, August 16, 2010

I take G00d picturez. Thumbs up!?!

(Almost without gas. That's how I've been feeling.  I can make a lot of  jokes about a certain type of "gas", but I'm not going to...since I'm ALWAYS serious and I've been feeling a little bit "under the weather" (where's an umbrella?) and I don't like it.)

 and since I'm a serious "blogger", here's a great picture I took this past Friday.
 (Don't you just like the ducks? Or my thumb? or finger? I don't know if it was a thumb or a finger. So I'll call it my "Thumber" That sounds like a new kind of cell phone. "Hey! yo, I'm using my new, rad , awesome Thumber! Take that, iPhone!")

Fun. What do you do when you're feeling ill? Do you make yourself some soup? I don't. I can't cook, so there goes that option. Maybe someone can bring me some cauliflower and we can toss it around like a hot potato, or maybe tell each other embarrassing childhood memories. I have lots of those.

Hopefully this sick feeling goes away soon because I have parties to go to.....Yea, I didn't believe that one either...


  1. i love the duck picture:) just take of the time/date lol

  2. Haha. Yea, I forgot I had that annoying date stamp there. Then again, it's useful since I'm pretty dumb and forget a lot of thingss. and thumbs up for ducks. quack.

  3. i think they are useful also...for my "sexy slow" problem.hahahahh buuuut this pic was so artistic that it would look nice without:) ttyl