Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm AWESOME & Great!?!!?!? so are you! awards suck!?

What do you like to do when you're feeling a little "meh" or a little "blah" or maybe a little "sigh-y" ? Or when you're sick, plans change, or you just feel like a monkey without a banana....

I like giving awards to myself.  Since it was a "meh" day today, I went to a super important person (who is actually kind of awesome.) and I am proud to say, I got a certificate of Excellence for "being AWESOME & Great" (If you insist...)I don't think I'm awesome or great, but these super important people do, so what the hey. Might as well take it and roar about it....roar.

What? you think I'm lying? here's a picture for you!
Click Pic to see it bigger. woahhhh
(Doesn't it look so...official?. That smiley face sure looks like it...Oh, and I couldn't find a black marker...I mean, the very important people couldn't...'cause you know...they're so important and busy, they don't know where they left the markers....or their minds...)
             (And I also like making myself (vegan) sandwiches. They make everything taste good. You want one? I'm a pro at sandwich makin'. Or like the kids say it "It's kinda like my thing." And by kids, I mean me and my cat.)

What do you like doing on a "blah" day? Making sandwiches? Making milkshakes? Baking? Shaking? Waking? Taking?  Karaoking?

Speaking of awards, Why is MTV still having video music awards? That's like me throwing a party!! COMPLETELY USELESS AND WORTHLESS!!! (unless there's some intense checkers playing going on...) Just sayin'...


  1. so...........what's in the sandwich?!

  2. Very important question. Some ketchup, Lightlife "roast turkey style" slices, and lettuce. Yep, pretty boring. It's always a toss up between that or a PBnJ sandwich...I get nervous and so I just make it simple. Plus, I didn't have any tomatoes or there went my day.

  3. that sounds really good. i wouldn't turn it down!

  4. Thank you! That made me want to go high-five my neighbor and make even more sandwiches. Maybe I should open up a sandwich place? It would be like Subway, but without meat or cheese...