Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Move it. Challenge?!!!!

I like stuffing my face and playing with gadgets, but lately, I've been moving a lot. Not the pack-your-stuff-we're-moving-to-a-new-place-I'm miserable type of moving. I mean moving, as in exercise? I add a question mark because they're pretty cool. Kidding, I add it because I don't even know if it's considered exercise, but it's moving. Every morning I've been waking up (not feeling like P.diddy, by the way...just in case that Kesha girl is reading this. Your songs are annoying too. Stop it with the autotune) wanting to move! Exercise! Although, sometimes it's hard to get started, by the end of it you'll feel great! I always pat myself on the back and tell myself I'm stronger than any superhero (hear that, Batman?) Yes, they're lies, but they make me feel great. Walking, weights, running, jumping jacks, I like it all (except yoga, makes me think I will tangle myself into a knot and not be able to get out of it. Then I'd probably start crying and it would just be awkward for all. Not good). Sure, my arms might still look twiggy, I may get tired quickly, and I might get sored, but the more active you are, the easier it will get. Space your "exercises" too. You don't want to burn yourself out and quit!!   and so this post isn't image-less, take a look at this  "drawing" I made in one minute. I know it's a work of art.
    (That's me, cheering you on. Why am I holding a dictionary? 'cause it makes me feel smart.)

Whatever the reason (bigger muscles? better health? better endurance?) exercise is good! What do you like doing for exercise? Walking? Running? Hiking? Weights? Yoga (looks painful), karate class (HIYA!), swimming, Stuff at the Gym? (gyms look weird),nothing at all (unacceptable, give me 20 crunches now! I'm kidding, do whatever you want.)

Get your iPod, your phone, and yourself ready, and go do some jumping jacks, pushups, and some strength training and you will feel like a winner. What will you win? I don't know. I'll make you a sandwich. and I'll tell you some jokes. Sounds like a plan? Great. Let's call this "Be more active everyday because you're a winner -challenge" It's not a challenge. It just makes it sounds exciting and kind of hardcore. Now stop reading this and go sweat like I did when I was in school. Those P.E classes were intense and embarrassing. I'm home schooling my future kids...

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