Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jack in the Box called me fat. and maybe you too.... Lols

So anyone that's ever been around me during the day, probably knows that I like taking pictures of  things I like, or things I think are kind of weird, so that I can make fun of (Yeah, I need to take a break from just making fun of myself...... )

Recently, I was at a drive-thru at some Jack in the Box... What was I doing there? I don't know... Maybe I like going there for the ketchup...or maybe someone made me sit in the passenger sear and they got hungry... Either is fine. All you need to know is that I was there and I saw this piece of funny.

                           (Treat yourself to something extra... Sure.)

(Oh...thanks. That's great for my already low self-esteem)

I thought that was funny. Jack telling everyone to get something extra, but then having that "America fat, getting fatter" paper there just made me want to bring out some balloons and laugh like a hyena.

I'm sure everyone felt great after ordering large fries and bacon burger after that.
I'm kidding... I bet other people thought it was funny too.

As always, a lot of this post is sarcasm... just like my entire childhood. Yep...that didn't make sense.

At least it wasn't a paper on giant heads. Jack would have probably cried until his eyelashes fell off.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Animals make everything better?

I've noticed Animals make everything better.

As soon as you walk in the door, they're there to greet you ...or lick you... :/

(Snow. I wonder if he ever melts during the summer? =0)

What kind of pets do you have? A pony? Really? That's cool.

But, no, really...what kind of pets do you have? and if you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? Octopus?

I want a monkey, so I could talk to it all day and maybe scratch it's head?

meow woof
(My cat "Tigre" / "Tiger". Look @ that face, don't you want to take him home and pet him until he starts singing you a song or reading you a bed-time story?... me neither. That would be weird.)

Pets are great. Adopt, rescue an animal! and eat animal crackers if you want ...

Also, can you moo like a cow? I can. I like to think of it as a talent.

Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe: Revisited- Very Hot and Kind of vegan...

First "REVIEW" of Mama's .. click HERE to read if you want... and sorry this post looks weird...Blogger has some issues?

This past Sunday, after a great, fun, and blessed church event, I went back to Mama's Hot Tamales.
I had a great experience the first time there. I was hungry, hot, and with a headache, so I thought going back was a great typing this... :D

A lot of people say this area is "sketchy", and that prevents them from going here...they're missing out.

(Walk in...It smells and looks great!!!)

I wanted a Nopales (cactus) salad with vegan (Daiya) cheese and Vegan (with Daiya cheese) enchiladas, but guess what? They were out of Daiya. WHAT!? I almost started crying and slapping myself. Maybe not... but I was disappointed... :(   <--- Like that "smiley"

So I ordered a Nopales salad without the cheese and a Pineapple tamal....

The food did take a long time to get to us...I don't know why? Maybe they had to go cut a cactus from a desert? I'm kidding, but was kind of a long time to wait... :/
(This is one one of the walls. Interesting. Heh.)

When the nopales salad got there, there was another salad along with it (didn't know about it) (lettuce leaves, tomato, red cabbage, and pickle) BUT...there was cheese on it...NOT vegan cheese... I told the lady I didn't eat dairy she said she would get another one... I felt bad... but at least she was nice...

After that whole confusion... I got my tamal...2 of them. The kind lady said one was free because of the whole confusion thing... :D

The nopales salad was great. I wanted more. I actually think it tastes better without the vegan cheese!!! I could eat this all day. It seemed a little more "cooked" this time...and with more sauce?
(Who knew cactus taste great? Where's the nearest desert? I am going hunting for cactuses...I think California is a desert, right? I don't see any cactus! :( )

                                 (Pineapple tamal. Made me want to tell it : "you're great")
(Inside the Pinapple tamal...IDK if you can see some pineapple and a raisin see it?)

The pinapple tamal was really good too! It had pinapple (duh) and raisins inside. It was sweet, and I liked it... it made me want to start high-fiving people.

The "free" tamal was a corn tamal. This was also great. Sweet, but not as sweet as the pinapple one..
This made up for the whole waiting-for-a-long-time-and-the-no-vegan-cheese-oops-wrong-cheese-on-salad- thing...
(It looks like a comfy small pillow. Hai there, corn tamal)

Oh, and the Horchata was also good. I wish they would have given me gallons to bring back home...
(rice milk + cinnamon = win)

That's it, dudes and dudettes. Go there and eat stuff. Also, this is NOT a VEGAN restaurant...It's vegan friendly...So you meat eaters and vegetarians can go eat none-vegan stuff...
2122 West Seventh Street (a half a block west of Alvarado St., and directly across

the southern border of MacArthur Park), Los Angeles, CA 90057
If anyone ever plans on going to Mama's, tell me. I would like to accompany you and maybe embarrass myself.

Friday, September 24, 2010

F is for... Fall. Adios, summer, you were a good one, and I already miss you. Kind of... maybe not.

Woah, yes, it returns! another "F is for..." on a Friday!!.... High five!!!?
F is for.... Fall!!

Yes, you all know what that means!!!? No? Me neither...

(Fall, is that you?)

It is a new season! Pumpkins, turkeys (or Tofurkeys? =0),  leaves turn brown and fall to the ground (like my dreams of becoming an astronaut...I'm kidding, I never wanted to be an astronaut...) , you change the time on your clocks and watches (I November? What do I know, I don't work in a clock shop, and if I did...I still wouldn't know), and it also gets a little cooler (not in the "Yo dawg, look how cool I am" way, but the "Brrr, it's kind of chilly, someone give me a snuggie or two" way.)

(BabyCakes NYC Pumpkin cupcake... I want to pet it)

I like fall. I like it a lot. My favorite season. It's not hot nor cold, it's just right. Also, a lot of coffee places and bakeries (like BabyCakes NYC ;) ) start having "seasonal"/ holiday-ish stuff that taste great.

Do you like fall? No? fine, what's your favorite season then? Do you own a snuggie? I don't, they would make me look sillier, but I kind of do want one... to wear in public and embarrass everyone around me. I would wear it everywhere.

Fallllllllllllllllllllll is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... have a great fall and...try not to fall in public. It's embarrassing. I know. =0

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So... Old Mcdonald's had WiFi?

So I just read a Mcdonald's bag (not mine, it was in the trash) that said "Free WiFi served daily" and I took a picture to prove it.
I think that's pretty cool.  Although I'm not a Mickey D's fan, I can now actually go to a Mcdonald's for one reason. I can hook up all my WiFi enabled stuff and be just as happy as a chihuahua. I bet Ronald is also really happy, he probably started doing cartwheels.

Oh, and no, I didn't pick the bag out of the trash, that would have been was just visible... Too bad it wasn't a Happy Meal box thing.

and since this is already random enough, my cat likes ignoring me.
                                      (Maybe he was dehydrated???)

 Thumbs up for free WiFi!!!!! I'm lovin' it? Have a great day and eat an apple, I hear they keep the doctor away...Unless you like  going to the doctor's.. don't eat them. Your choice.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yo quiero Taco Bell... sauce!

I don't really eat at Taco Bell, but I do love their sauce. Mild, Hot, and Spicy!!! Someone should make a sauce- super hero group and name them that...

Anyway, Yes, the Taco Bell sauce packets are probably one of the things that can help me fall asleep at night. Not only do the sauces taste great, they also have silly stuff written on them.... Now I don't have to feel lonely anymore, or try so hard to start a conversation. Just whip out one of these packets and BAM! conversation started!

(What better way to propose than with one of the "Will you marry me?" packets???!!! Too bad there's not a "No way!" packet. Probably the only way rejection wouldn't hurt.)

Anyone know if they sell Taco Bell sauce in bottles in stores?? I need them.

I also wish they made taco bell sauce packets PILLOWS!!! So I could rest my big head on one of them. If anyone @ taco bell ever stumbles upon this, hit me up...I could write for your packets. My parents would be proud. Some of my many creations would be : "Pauly don't want a cracker, Pauly wants sauce" OR "Lonely no more, talk to me" OR "have we met before, you look familiar?"
Now those don't seem like good ones?

Do you like taco bell sauce!?!?!?

Woop. Someone send me a bunch of these and I will send you a picture of me from 3-5 years ago, so you can make fun of me and laugh none stop.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to schoo?! No way?! How to be cool and rad just in time because nobody cares.

I know a lot of people went back to school recently....and I didn' it made me remember how much of a mess I was in school.

Mostly all of my school memories are either, embarrassing or gone. I probably embarrassed myself in school more than I ever know...I think I embarrassed myself by just showing up.

(They might as well just give out a "Good Luck" certificate, no? Or maybe it's just me that wants one, then again, it is just paper dust, former school staff)

Also, I think the only "school" we (or I ) ever need was elementary school. Think about it....You learn how to spell your name, count, the abc's, recess, naps, and coloring. Then comes middle school, it's a waste of space, time, and energy. Nothing ever exciting ever happens in middle school, but you get that obviously sucks. Then it is high school... Can be fun or dreadful! My highschool experience was a combination of both. Started off well, but then it all went downhill, quicker than a broken rollercoaster that eventually just stayed stuck in the middle and never went anywhere. Yep, I think most of my teachers were just there to talk amongst themselves. Actually, I probably had more interesting conversattions with my teachers, than people my age. I don't know, most of the time I was just thinking how funny it would be if the ceiling would fall on the teachers and squish them like pancakes. Cruel? Maybe, but it sure would have been a good viral video.

Oh, and P.E classes made me want to take off both of my legs and use them as boomerangs. P.E classes should be called Painfully Embarrassing class. Most of the teachers are cruel and probably not well.

and on college or university or whatever....that will never happen,... bloop

How was your whole school expereince? O.k? good? GREAT!?! or bad? Or maybe good and bad? If you would go back, what 3 tips would you give yourself?

 Bells suck. Always gave me a headache.... I wonder if any of my teachers are ever going to pop out in a commercial...or on Animal Planet

Monday, September 6, 2010

Great thing about being facial-hairless is...

Not having to spend money on these useless, pieces of dumb, weird stuff.
(I'm lying. There is no great thing about being facial-hairless. Except if you want to be mistaken for a freaking 10 year old, and if that's you... you may want to see a doctor or a therapist)

Maybe Chewbacca can donate some hair to me and then I would  go floating inside a bubble far, far away feeling great. and then I would write a song about it. You want to help me write it?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Expiring sleeping cat makes fun of me.

(Sleepy cat is sleeping. I bet he's making fun of me in a dream.I wish it was as easy for me to fall asleep. and apparently he's "BEST BY" 20012!!!) :/)

I realized my cat meows a lot. Why? I have no idea, I think he wants me to be petting him 24/7 and that's impossible. What do you give your loud pet to calm it down?

Someone should invent a petting machine. An electronic human-like hand for when you're not there, to show them you care, while you're out, @ a fair....I could be a rapper, yo!