Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jack in the Box called me fat. and maybe you too.... Lols

So anyone that's ever been around me during the day, probably knows that I like taking pictures of  things I like, or things I think are kind of weird, so that I can make fun of (Yeah, I need to take a break from just making fun of myself...... )

Recently, I was at a drive-thru at some Jack in the Box... What was I doing there? I don't know... Maybe I like going there for the ketchup...or maybe someone made me sit in the passenger sear and they got hungry... Either is fine. All you need to know is that I was there and I saw this piece of funny.

                           (Treat yourself to something extra... Sure.)

(Oh...thanks. That's great for my already low self-esteem)

I thought that was funny. Jack telling everyone to get something extra, but then having that "America fat, getting fatter" paper there just made me want to bring out some balloons and laugh like a hyena.

I'm sure everyone felt great after ordering large fries and bacon burger after that.
I'm kidding... I bet other people thought it was funny too.

As always, a lot of this post is sarcasm... just like my entire childhood. Yep...that didn't make sense.

At least it wasn't a paper on giant heads. Jack would have probably cried until his eyelashes fell off.

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