Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama's Hot Tamales Cafe: Revisited- Very Hot and Kind of vegan...

First "REVIEW" of Mama's .. click HERE to read if you want... and sorry this post looks weird...Blogger has some issues?

This past Sunday, after a great, fun, and blessed church event, I went back to Mama's Hot Tamales.
I had a great experience the first time there. I was hungry, hot, and with a headache, so I thought going back was a great typing this... :D

A lot of people say this area is "sketchy", and that prevents them from going here...they're missing out.

(Walk in...It smells and looks great!!!)

I wanted a Nopales (cactus) salad with vegan (Daiya) cheese and Vegan (with Daiya cheese) enchiladas, but guess what? They were out of Daiya. WHAT!? I almost started crying and slapping myself. Maybe not... but I was disappointed... :(   <--- Like that "smiley"

So I ordered a Nopales salad without the cheese and a Pineapple tamal....

The food did take a long time to get to us...I don't know why? Maybe they had to go cut a cactus from a desert? I'm kidding, but was kind of a long time to wait... :/
(This is one one of the walls. Interesting. Heh.)

When the nopales salad got there, there was another salad along with it (didn't know about it) (lettuce leaves, tomato, red cabbage, and pickle) BUT...there was cheese on it...NOT vegan cheese... I told the lady I didn't eat dairy she said she would get another one... I felt bad... but at least she was nice...

After that whole confusion... I got my tamal...2 of them. The kind lady said one was free because of the whole confusion thing... :D

The nopales salad was great. I wanted more. I actually think it tastes better without the vegan cheese!!! I could eat this all day. It seemed a little more "cooked" this time...and with more sauce?
(Who knew cactus taste great? Where's the nearest desert? I am going hunting for cactuses...I think California is a desert, right? I don't see any cactus! :( )

                                 (Pineapple tamal. Made me want to tell it : "you're great")
(Inside the Pinapple tamal...IDK if you can see some pineapple and a raisin see it?)

The pinapple tamal was really good too! It had pinapple (duh) and raisins inside. It was sweet, and I liked it... it made me want to start high-fiving people.

The "free" tamal was a corn tamal. This was also great. Sweet, but not as sweet as the pinapple one..
This made up for the whole waiting-for-a-long-time-and-the-no-vegan-cheese-oops-wrong-cheese-on-salad- thing...
(It looks like a comfy small pillow. Hai there, corn tamal)

Oh, and the Horchata was also good. I wish they would have given me gallons to bring back home...
(rice milk + cinnamon = win)

That's it, dudes and dudettes. Go there and eat stuff. Also, this is NOT a VEGAN restaurant...It's vegan friendly...So you meat eaters and vegetarians can go eat none-vegan stuff...
2122 West Seventh Street (a half a block west of Alvarado St., and directly across

the southern border of MacArthur Park), Los Angeles, CA 90057
If anyone ever plans on going to Mama's, tell me. I would like to accompany you and maybe embarrass myself.

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