Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So... Old Mcdonald's had WiFi?

So I just read a Mcdonald's bag (not mine, it was in the trash) that said "Free WiFi served daily" and I took a picture to prove it.
I think that's pretty cool.  Although I'm not a Mickey D's fan, I can now actually go to a Mcdonald's for one reason. I can hook up all my WiFi enabled stuff and be just as happy as a chihuahua. I bet Ronald is also really happy, he probably started doing cartwheels.

Oh, and no, I didn't pick the bag out of the trash, that would have been awkward...it was just visible... Too bad it wasn't a Happy Meal box thing.

and since this is already random enough, my cat likes ignoring me.
                                      (Maybe he was dehydrated???)

 Thumbs up for free WiFi!!!!! I'm lovin' it? Have a great day and eat an apple, I hear they keep the doctor away...Unless you like  going to the doctor's.. don't eat them. Your choice.

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