Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yo quiero Taco Bell... sauce!

I don't really eat at Taco Bell, but I do love their sauce. Mild, Hot, and Spicy!!! Someone should make a sauce- super hero group and name them that...

Anyway, Yes, the Taco Bell sauce packets are probably one of the things that can help me fall asleep at night. Not only do the sauces taste great, they also have silly stuff written on them.... Now I don't have to feel lonely anymore, or try so hard to start a conversation. Just whip out one of these packets and BAM! conversation started!

(What better way to propose than with one of the "Will you marry me?" packets???!!! Too bad there's not a "No way!" packet. Probably the only way rejection wouldn't hurt.)

Anyone know if they sell Taco Bell sauce in bottles in stores?? I need them.

I also wish they made taco bell sauce packets PILLOWS!!! So I could rest my big head on one of them. If anyone @ taco bell ever stumbles upon this, hit me up...I could write for your packets. My parents would be proud. Some of my many creations would be : "Pauly don't want a cracker, Pauly wants sauce" OR "Lonely no more, talk to me" OR "have we met before, you look familiar?"
Now those don't seem like good ones?

Do you like taco bell sauce!?!?!?

Woop. Someone send me a bunch of these and I will send you a picture of me from 3-5 years ago, so you can make fun of me and laugh none stop.

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  1. Where can I find the "will you marry me" packets? They still make them?
    Let me know.