Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm the hispanic Justin Bieber. and Hospital potty vlog!

Hey there, you know what I do on Friday's! That's right! I review and grade my week! I tried to upload this yesterday, but it's not like anyone is actually paying attention.

This week was national cupcake day, I encountered annoying trains, and one of my cat's played with a pillow. I also consumed a lot of Silk soy milk, Heinz ketchup, and Sunkist soda!! Doesn't that sounds like a freaking blast?! Yeah it does! It was a great weekend! I hope you had a great week too.

Here's a vlog of December 17.

The day started off well, then my mom had an accident. I was down in the dumps for a while, but then I decided to get over it by embarrassing myself in a hospital. It was cool.

Later, dudes, girls, and pets.

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  1. XD "I hope you guys have a very emotional weekend cuz i know i will"