Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My exclusive interview with Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You read that title right. Today, I got the chance to sit down with the one and only Santa Claus. I asked the hard hitting questions and he gave me answers...maybe. How old is Santa? What does he think of being married to Mrs. Claus? Find the answers by watching the video! Hopefully you find this interview cool, amazing, and radical, because I did.  It made me want to rip off the stockings off the chimney. Just Kidding, there's no stockings here.

I learned a lot about Santa. Hopefully you did too.

Other channel vlog!

This is just a small vlog about a rainy day. I basically did nothing yesterday, just went out to get food. What an action packed day. Kaboom!

Later, dudes, dudettes, Mufasa, and Simba.

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