Friday, December 3, 2010

Vlogging for a year!

Recently, I started a couple of YouTube channels. Why? I was bored...and wanted another creative outlet to let out what's on my mind. I feel like I have some stuff in my little mind that have to be let out like a couple of hound dogs.

I decided to start vlogging (aka: talking to a camera) for a whole year, everyday, next year, on my 2nd channel... I will try to record everyday just doing silly, dumb, sometimes boring, stuff. Why? I just want to experiment and be able to look back later and see how much or little I've done. Also, I want to see if some of my "shyness" will decrease! Fun. I will be posting them all on YouTube and making a blog on here too!

I made a video "announcing" this!!

Here's a video on the exploring channel...introducing my cat?

(LOL @ thumbnail^)

I hope you join me, if not...Mooo.

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