Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being sick sucks.

This week I've been sick. I think it might be the common cold. I thought it was the swine flu, but let's face it, that's out of style now. I've been consuming a lot of oranges and tangerines. I read that it's no use to eat so many Vitamin C rich food when you have a cold because you already have the "germs". Who cares...I keep telling myself it's helping.

(Home grown. I should be a farmer.)

Good thing there's orange and tangerine trees here because I can pick them on my own...I feel like an ape.

(They were good. Too bad they have seeds in them. Seeds make me want to punch myself in the face.)

What do you do when you're sick? What makes you feel better? I don't like taking drugs. I like getting better naturally. How great.
In unrelated, but kind of news, here's the latest vlog of my life this year. I went to BestBuy. Everyone thought I was high on drugs. I wasn't. It's called having a cold...or rabies.

January 10 2011 Vlog

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