Saturday, January 22, 2011

LA Josh Sundquist meetup! Meeting Josh Sundquist, iJustine, WinterSpringPro, Olga Kay, and Exotic Jess.

Do those names in the title seem familiar to you? Do they not? Why not? Where have you been? Hiding? Sleeping? Cooking? Doing homework?

Those names in the title are actually people who make YouTube videos! I've been watching their videos for some time now, so when I heard Josh Sundquist was having a meetup, I almost fell down...twice.

The actual meetup was really cool. I met Josh Sundquist, iJustine, Olga Kay, Exotic Jess and WinterSpringPro's, Brittany and Joey. They were all nice, cool, and normal. I, on the other hand, was so nervous, I think I forgot how to speak english.

Below, there are two videos. The first is of me recaping this emotional story. The second is my adventure to the meetup.
The Meetup!

Road to the meetup!

Thanks for reading and watching? You're cool.

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