Friday, July 27, 2012


I hadn't visited Disneyland in a while... and had never been to Disney California Adventure... so I was really excited to go during the VidCon weekend! I was shaking from excitement, like a new born, excited, baby chihuahua.

Disneyland was great as always! The weather was a bit warm, uncomfortable at times, but I managed to ignore that and have a great time.  My favorite ride there was "Star Tours". I've never watched any of the Star Wars movies, but that ride was incredible. I wanted to stay on it forever...and ever.

Disney California Adventure was very also great! I am a BIG "The Little Mermaid" fan, so I was really looking forward to finally riding the "The Little Mermaid" ride. and I did go on it...three times. I kind of teared up at the end of it. I've been a fan of "Mermaid" since I was a kid, and getting to ride that ride felt awesome!

This trip to Disneyland was great! I'll be visiting again soon because... well, I bought an annual pass. Best purchase I've ever made. ;)

Here are some silly videos!

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