Friday, July 6, 2012


Last year I attended my first VidCon! VidCon is a convention for video makers, viewers, and pretty much anyone who is interested in the online world...mainly YouTube....and I love it.

Last year I got to meet some of my favorite YouTubers! This year VidCon was from June 28th-30th. It had a lot more people, panels, and booths. It was a little more difficult to meet "big" YouTubers, so I decided to make this year's VidCon a bit different for myself. I decided I was going to try and meet as many people as I could...and I did! I met a lot of people, even if they are not "big" YouTubers... and I was ok with that! I still met ShayCarl and Katilette, ran into iJustine and Jenna Ezarik (in the elevator haha) and the two piece band, Terabrite.

VidCon was held at in Anaheim, California. At the Anaheim Convention Center. I live in the Los Angeles area, so there wasn't much traveling, but I did stay at the Anaheim Hilton hotel for a couple of nights. The lobby was very loud (probably due to many YouTubers being there) but my room was pretty peaceful and enjoyed my stay there.

For the last night, I decided to stay at the Clarion Hotel. I also enjoyed my stay there, even if it was a bit further away from the convention center. That's ok, I like walking.

Being surrounded by people who make and watch videos felt awesome! I feel like I have definitely have come out of my shell and  not be so awkward thanks to VidCon, and that feels great! I can't wait for next year's VidCon! I will be the first person in line! or second... or third... who knows. :)

Oh, there was also a VidCon Disney day! That was another awesome day to the VidCon weekend. WOOHOO VidCon. :)


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